What can you tell me about raising hogs on pasture?

J.M.North CarolinaAnswer: Thank you for requesting information on raising hogs on pasture.Listed below are various articles discussing options for raising hogs on pasture and alternative marketing. Also refer to the ATTRA publications on alternative hog production and marketing:Hog Production AlternativesPork: Marketing AlternativesConsiderations in Organic Hog ProductionProfitable PorkResources:Cantrell, Jim. 1985. A low investment swine system. Kerr Foundation, Inc. 28 p.Cramer, Craig. 1992. “Hogs just might be the ideal grazers.” New Farm. September/October. p. 18-23.Cramer, Craig. 1990. Profitable pork on pasture. New Farm. May/June. p. 15-18.Gunthorp, Greg. 2001. Pastured pigs on the Gunthorp farm. 9 p. Honeyman, M. S. No date. Piglet mortality in various hut types for outdoor farrowing. Iowa State University. ASL-R1680. 3 p.Huber, Gary. 2007. Specialty pork marketing opportunities. The Practical Farmer. Winter. p. 15, 22.McGlone, John J., and Harold Rachuonyo. 2000. Sow-litter impact of ground cover. National Hog Farmer. December 15. p. 24.Morrow, Gayle. 2005. Family farm finds success with “Fresh-Air Pork.” ACRES, USA. July. p. 1, 10-12.Morrow-Harris, Gayle. 1998. Pork on pasture. Acres USA. September. p. 1, 8-9.Salatin, Joel. 2006. Pastured pig tricks. The Stockman Grass Farmer. September. p. 17-18.Shirley, Christopher. 1993. Lean pork, low overhead. New Farm. November/December. p. 20-24, 58.Talbott, Chuck, et al. 2003. Potential for small-scale farmers to produce niche market pork using alternative diets, breeds and rearing environments: Observations from North Carolina. Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems. p. 135-140.Van Der Pol, Jim. 2001-2005. Multiple articles dealing with outdoor hogs. Graze. 21 p.