What can you tell me about using weeder geese?

H.G.PennsylvaniaAnswer: Thank you for requesting information on using weeder geese.Listed below are materials that provide information on using weeder geese. They may be out of date, however the concepts are still appropriate. In order to make cost comparisons between geese and other weed control methods, you will need to keep a record of the time spent moving, feeding, and watering the geese. On the other side of the ledger, you might consider the aesthetic value of geese in the landscape, or the price you could charge for a holiday dinner goose at the end of the summer. For a list of hatcheries and equipment suppliers, please go to the Web site www.poultryconnection.com. A good book on raising geese and using weeder geese is The Book of Geese available from many sources, including Metzer Farms. Since most of these enclosures were compiled, one change of significance is the passage of National Organic Standards. These include rules and regulations on the use of manure in organic production. The elapsed time between the application of fresh manure and edible crop harvest must be no less than 120 days. If you are certified organic, or intend to be, you will need to work with your certifier to find out what practices they allow. The practices used must be written into your organic plan and approved by your certifier before using.Resources:Anon. No date. Fowl friends on fields and fence-rows. 8 p.Anon. 2003. Weedwhacker or just a pretty face? Common Ground. Fall. p. 1-2.Clark, M. Sean, and Stuart H. Gage. 1996. Effects of free-range chickens and geese on insect pests and weeds in an agroecosystem. American Journal of Alternative Agriculture. Volume 11, Number 1. p. 39-47.Clark, M. Sean, et al. 1994. Using domestic birds for weed and insect pest management in non-chemical agroecosystems. Michigan State University, East Lansing. 6 p.Cramer, Craig. 1992. Weeder geese boost berry profits $222/A. New Farm. May/June. p. 38-40.Geiger, Glenn and Harold Biellier. 1993. Weeding with Geese. MU-Extension.Dutton, David W. 1982. Chinese weeder geese: Do they or do they not weed in the nursery? 8 p. Jackson, Sego, and Bev Reed. 1985. Using weeder geese. Permaculture Resources. 4 p.Metzer Farms. 2006. Using geese to control weeds. www.metzerfarms.comOlkowski, Helga, and William Olkowski. 1992. Using animals for weed management. Common Sense Pest Control. Spring. p. 5-15.Ware, Alan. 1975. Geese in the strawberry patch. Kerr Center Newsletter. January/February. p. 3-4.