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What information can you give me on hydroponic suppliers and consultants?

E.S.FloridaAnswer: Thank you for contacting ATTRA for resources on commercial scale hydroponic suppliers and consultants. Currently there are not many large-scale organic hydroponic greenhouse operations, which means that this might be a good niche for you, but it also means that you may need to apply some ingenuity to develop your business plan and operation. General information about organic hydroponic production:The power point presentation by Dr. Mary Peet from North Carolina State University overviews some organic substitutions for nutrient and pest management in hydroponic systems. Also the publication titled “Organic Hydroponics” discusses, mainly, different types of nutrient solution options for an organic hydroponic operation. The link to both of these publications is listed below under “Further Resources,” however, the “Organic Hydroponics” article is from Growing Edge magazine, and they charge $5.00 for obtaining this publication. I have also listed an additional link to a study the Mary Peet did on maintaining nutrient balances in organic soluble fertilizers.Consultants and Suppliers:In most circumstances, larger scale commercial greenhouse suppliers have technical staff that consult you on set-up and design of your greenhouse facility. I have listed greenhouse suppliers, as well as companies that have categorized themselves as hydroponic consultants.Hydro-GardensThey provide both consulting and supplies. They offer supplies and consulting for large scale hydroponic oprations. Colorado has several large-scale hydroponic operations in the state.P.O. Box 25845Colorado Springs, CO 80936-5845888-693-0578hgi@hydro-gardens.comAmerican HydroThey are commercial suppliers of hydroponic greenhouses and equipment with limited consulting. Dynamics”Agro Dynamics is focused on supplying innovative, state-of-the-art and high quality products.” They provide both consulting and greenhouse and hydroponic supplies.204 Airline Drive ; Suite 900 Coppell, TX 75019Tel: (+) 800 872-2476Fax: (+) 972 829-8039EnglishSpanish e-mail: info@agrodynamics.comCrop King consults, provides workshops, and sells commercial-scale hydroponic systems. Below is a link to a price list of their gutter connected greenhouses. These are most commonly used in large scale commercial operations. is a link to training opportunities: Resources:Landers, Melvin. 2001. Organic Hydroponics. Growing Edge. MayJune 2001. This is a back issue that Growing Edge is currently charging $5.00 for. Peet, Mary. (no date). Organic Hydroponics. North Carolina State University. Power Point Presentation. Maintaining Nutrient Balances in Systems Utilizing Soluble Organic Fertilizers Janet Miles and Mary Peet, NCSU OFRF Project Report, June 2002.