What information can you give me on organic dairy goat production?

J.S.MinnesotaAnswer:Thank you for contacting ATTRA for information regarding organic dairy goat production.Please refer to the ATTRA publications that discuss the organic certification process and organic production, including Organic Farm Certification & the National Organic Program, Organic Certification Process, and National Organic Program Compliance Checklist for Producers. I would encourage you to read through those publications, as they should answer many of the questions you may have about transitioning to organic production. NCAT’s Organic Livestock Workbook will be helpful to you as you transition to organic production. This workbook will help you evaluate your current practices and determine if you are meeting organic regulations. This will let you know what changes to your current production practices you’ll need to make to meet organic regulations. Listed below are several articles and resources that should be helpful to you, and others, as you make the transition to organic production. It is important to note that some of the articles are not specific to dairy goats, but the information is still relevant. Below you will find:Excerpts of NOP Livestock Production Standards. This document gives the basic rules for organic production. It breaks down the rules and makes them a little easier to understand.The National List. This is the list of all of the products allowed or not allowed in organic production. Several articles regarding organic dairy goat production. These articles cover the basic principles of organic goat production and clarify the rules. Raising Organic Livestock in Maine: MOFGA Accepted Health Practices, Products and Ingredients. This article has a great list of common ailments and includes preventative measures and organic treatments. It lists products that are commonly allowed in organic production and suppliers of the products. Resources:Baier, A. 2006. Excerpts of NOP Livestock Production Standards (draft). ATTRA publication. 5 p.Baier, A. 2006. Excerpts of NOP Standards (draft). ATTRA publication. 4 p.The National Organic Program. National List. www.ams.usda.gov/nopHow to Choose an Organic Certification Agency. MOSES Organic Fact Sheet #406. www.mosesorganic.org. 1 p.Transitioning to Organic Sheep or Goat Dairy Production. Organic Fact Sheet. www.mosesorganic.org. 1 p.Schoenian, S. 2005. Raising Sheep & Goats Organically. 2 p.Merkel, R. 2006. Organic Meat Goat Production. Langston University. www.luresext.edu. 5 p.Raising Organic Livestock in Maine: MOFGA Accepted Health Practices, Products and Ingredients. 7 p.