What information can you give me on organic sunflower production?

N.G.GeorgiaAnswer: I am pleased to provide you with information on organic sunflower production. Sunflowers are a summer annual crop that can be managed similar to other summer grain crops. Organic sunflowers are grown for cut flower production and for seed. The seed is used in bird feed, for sunflower oil, and the meal for livestock feed. The links listed below lead to production information for sunflower though not necessarily organic sunflower production. There is little information available on organic sunflower production, so adjustments to the management systems recommended must be made to fit in a certified organic operation. Please visit the ATTRA website for information on organic certification and regulations.Resources: North Carolina State University. 2005. Organic Field Crop Production and Marketing in North Carolina. “Alternative Grain Crops: Sunflower Seed.” Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives. No Date. Sunflower Production & Management.University of Wisconsin-Extension and the University of Minnesota. 1990. Alternative Field Crops Manual: Sunflowers.National Sunflower AssociationKansas State University. 2005. High Plains Sunflower Production Handbook. Schmidt, Walter H. 1995. Single Crop Sunflower Production. Ohio State University Extension. AGF-107-95. 3 p.Warrick, Billy E. No date. Sunflower Production Guide. Texas Cooperative Extension. 16 p.