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What information can you give me on raising and marketing Berkshire hogs?

E.J.FloridaAnswer:Thank you for requesting information on raising Berkshire hogs.Below you will find a reference to the new Berkshire Swine Production and Marketing “Berkshire Niche Market Opportunity Guidelines” publications prepared by the Pork Niche Market Working Group in Iowa. It is an excellent publication on raising Berkshire hogs. There is also an Excel Berkshire Production Decision Aids available at their Web site. There are also references to a couple of articles discussing pork niche marketing. See the ATTRA publications, Hog Production Alternatives and Pork: Marketing Alternatives.Resource:Honeyman, M. S., et al. 2006. The United States pork niche market phenomenon. Journal of Animal Science. Volume 84. p. 2260-2275.Huber, Gary. 2007. Specialty pork marketing opportunities. The Practical Farmer. p. 15-16.McMullen, Larry K. 2006. Berkshire swine production and marketing. Pork Niche Market Working Group. PN03-05B. August. 24 p. McMullen, Larry K. 2006. Berkshire Production Decision Aids. 5 p.