What is the best way to control curly dock weeds?

D.S.West VirginiaAnswer: Mark Schonbeck, Virginia Association for Biological Farming, classifies weeds such as curly dock as simple perennial weeds. Curly dock, Rhumex crispus, has a strong, deep taproot that, if chopped up by tillage, will start many new plants. Schonbeck says established perennial weeds cannot be controlled by hoeing, but they can be dug out on small, lightly infested areas or controlled by plowing or other primary tillage followed by a vigorous cover crop. Below are also several articles from the Web that discuss curly dock and management options. ResourcesSchonbeck, Mark. 1998. Weed control options. Stewardship News. Virginia Association for Biological Farming. May?June. p. 1, 4.Sedbrook, Judy. 2004. Curly Dock: Rumex crispus. Colorado State University. 2 p. www.colostate.edu/Depts/CoopExt/4DMG/Weed/curly.htmAnon. No date. Curly Dock. National Gardening Association. 2 p.www.garden.org/weedlibrary/?q=show&id=2380Stritzke, Jim. No date. Curly Dock. Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service. 2 p.http://alfalfa.okstate.edu/weeds/winbroad/curly_dock.htm