What is used to treat mastitis in organic production?

J.M.CaliforniaAnswer: Transitioning from conventional to organic production brings about many challenges. Organic health care is a hurdle that forces many producers to learn to adapt. Organic Valley cooperative provides its member producers with a packet of information that discusses many organic health care techniques and how they are used, including mastitis treatments. There is also a short explanation of mastitis care and prevention in the Hoegger Supply Company’s catalog. Another article, “Treating Mastitis without Antibiotics,” has some useful information about prevention and alternative treatments of mastitis. You can also ask current organic producers and organic certifiers what they recommend for organic treatments.Resources:Mother Nature’s Natural Animal Health Tools An Introduction for Organic Producers (PDF). Organic Valley. Mastitis. Hoegger Supply Company Catalog. p. 74Duval, J. 1995. Treating Mastitis Without Antibiotics.