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What plants are toxic to goats?

E.O.ArkansasAnswer: Thank you for contacting ATTRA for information on plants that are toxic to goats. Listed below are several articles that discuss plants that are toxic to livestock and specifically goats. It is quite interesting that goats seem to know what plants are toxic and what plants aren’t. If they have plenty of other forages to eat, goats generally won’t consume toxic plants. There are also many plants that may be toxic, but only at certain levels. I’ve heard anecdotal evidence of goats consuming toxic plants, with no ill effects. They can tolerate some levels of the toxins. However, goats are not immune to plant toxicity! It is always good to be aware of the plants you have and make note of those that may be toxic. Resources:Ace, D.L. , Hutchinson, L.J. n.d. Poisonous Plants. Extension Goat Handbook. 5 p.Kates, A.H., Davis, D.E., McCormack, J., and Miller, J. 1980. Poisonous Plants of the Southern United States. 28 p.DiTomaso, J. n.d. List of Plants Reported to Be Poisonous to Animals in the United States. 12 p.Toxic Plants and the Common Caprine. 2001. 8 p.Poole, T., Fultz, S. n.d. Pasture Management Common Plants Poisonous to Livestock in Maryland. 4 p.Jennings, J., Boyd, J. n.d. Common Arkansas Plants Poisonous to Cattle. 2 p.