Where can I find commercially-available natural sources of gibberellic acid-3 (GA-3)?

P.S. Ohio Answer: Gibberellic acid is produced by a process of fermentation wherein a pure strain of the fungus Gibberella fujikorai is cultured in vats, then extracted and purified to obtain GA-3. Several GA-3 sources are approved for organic production and listed on the OMRI Brand Name Products List (Crop Production Products; see Resources, below). Without any further explanations or research into product sources, I alert you to the attached excerpts from the OMRI List that identifies product suppliers of GA-3. Also of interest is the leaflet from J.L. Hudson Seedsman on GA-3. It provides interesting notes on the history and origin of GA-3, experimental design and recordkeeping, treatment methods, preparation, seed treatments, and views on its use in organic production.Resources OMRI Box 11558 Eugene, OR 97440 541-343-7600www.omri.org/OMRI Brand Name Products List www.omri.org/OMRI_brand_name_list.htmlGibberellic acid kits and supplies J.L. Hudson, SeedsmanStar Route 2, Box 337, La Honda, CA 94002www.jlhudsonseeds.net/GibberellicAcid.htm