Where can I find information about making and marketing wreaths?

S.A.MaineAnswer: The University of Maine’s Extension Service has quite a bit of information on this subject. There are also many other materials related to business start-up available either through your local Extension office or from the Web site. Below are two URLs from Maine’s Web site, from which you will be able to find more information. Maine Extension Publications http://extensionpubs.umext.maine.edu/

Site provides descriptions of Maine’s Extension Publications. They can be ordered on-line.

Small and Home-based Business Virtual Resource Library http://www.umext.maine.edu/hbbsite/html/planning.htm

Site offers links to many states’ extension publications related to small businesses.

In addition, check out some of ATTRA’s business and marketing materials. Those on adding value to products will be especially relevant as you assess the potential of making wreaths as a business. You can call 800-346-9140 (toll-free) and request a hard copy or find them online at: Keys to Success in Value-Added Agriculture http://attra.ncat.org/attra-pub/keystosuccess.html Adding Value to Farm Products: An Overview http://attra.ncat.org/attra-pub/PDF/valueovr.pdf [PDF 261 kb]ResourcesCercone, Mark, and William D. Lilley. N.d. Making Balsam Fir Wreaths. Bulletin #7012, University of Maine Cooperative Extension. 7 p.Cercone, Mark, William D. Lilley, and Jim Philp. 1998. Making Wreaths for Profit. Bulletin #7013, University of Maine Cooperative Extension. 3 p.McConnon, Jim. N. d. Estimating Retail Market Potential. Bulletin #3012, University of Maine Cooperative Extension. 5 p.