Where can I find information about microgreens and about producing corn/sunflower/pea shoots for salads?

J.B. ArkansasAnswer: Listed below are several articles that define microgreens, including pea shoots. They suggest types of vegetables to use, and provide the basics for growing them either in sterile, soilless media or hydroponically.Pea shoots can be grown in the greenhouse or in the field. Two market gardeners, one in Ohio and one in Kansas, shared notes on their techniques. Both grow in 1020 trays, a standard size for seedling flats. Both used the variety Dwarf Grey Sugar from Johnny’s Selected Seed. Their instructions are compiled below.? Fill the flats with an inch or more of potting soil or soilless mix. ? Moisten the mix. ? Soak the seed overnight. ? Use about ? pound of seed per flat. ? Toss the seeds on top of the mix and pat them out evenly. ? Cover the flat with a dome to keep the seeds moist until they sprout. ? Remove the dome after the peas sprout so they don’t mold. ? Grow indoors under grow lights, outdoors under shade, or in hoophouses with natural light. ? Cut the shoots with scissors when they are three to five inches tall, about 10 days to two weeks after planting. ? Compost the root mass or use as mulch if you grew shoots in soilless mix. You might be able to get one or two additional cuttings if you use potting soil. The Resources describe slight variations; additional vegetables, herbs, and flowers that can be grown; and markets. ResourcesAnon. 2004. Growing microgreens. Avant Gardener. May. p. 50. Anon. 2004. Micro-mix production. Johnny’s Selected Seeds. 1 p. Anon. 2004. Florida Farmstead. 2 p. www.aonea.com/services/newsletter/indexmay2003.htmAnon. 2004. Seed categories: Microgreens. Condor Seed Production, Inc. 3 p.http://www.condorseed.com/seed_sprouting_microgreens.htmByczynski, Lynn. 2004. Can you make money on microgreens? Growing for Market. January. p. 13. Ferrary, Jeanette. 2002. The incredible shrinking salad. Via. March. 5 p. www.viamagazine.com/top_stories/articles/microgreens02.aspLoth, Charuth. 2003. How to grow a quick crop of sprouts. Growing for Market. October. p. 12. Miles, Caroll. 2000. Pea shoots. JSS Advantage. p. 3.