Where can I find information about organic hog wormers?

C.S.CaliforniaAnswer: The Practical Farmers of Iowa have had several farmers try alternative parasite management and report their results. Some of their findings are at the links in Resources, below. The National Organic Program standards do not allow parasiticides to be used in livestock being marketed as organic, but do allow parasiticides to be used in the first 2/3 of gestation for breeder stock not going to be marketed as organic (see section 205.238 (b). At the current time, the only parasiticide that is allowed is Ivermectin (see section 205.603 (12).Allen Moody of Organic Valley Pork Division works with the organic hog producers that market their hogs at Organic Valley. Allen says that many of the producers use diatomaceous earth for both internal and external parasites. He adds that some organic hog producers are using culling to help improve their sow herds by keeping only the sows that have the most resistance to internal parasites.ResourcesAnon. 2002. Alternative management of internal parasites. The Practical Farmer. Spring. p. 22-23.www.pfi.iastate.edu/Newsletter/practical_farmer.htmAnon. 2002. Herd health. 2002 on-farm research review. Practical Farmers of Iowa. p. 1, 3-6.www.pfi.iastate.edu/Newsletter/practical_farmer.htmAnon. 2000. 205.238 Livestock health care practice standard, and 205.603 Synthetic substances allowed for use in organic livestock production. Federal Register. December 21. p. 80645, 80657.Exner, Rick. 2000. Gastrointestinal parasite: Natural and /or old-time treatments. 6 p. www.pfi.iastate.edu/ofr/Anthelmintics.htm