Where can I find information about paints allowed on organically certified farms?

B.B.VirginiaAnswer: Paints are not specifically mentioned in the National Organic Program rules, although some paints may contain materials on the NOP “prohibited” list. The resources below will give you some guidance about “safer” paints; HOWEVER, always check with your certifier before using any material that has not been approved in your Organic System Plan.ResourcesAnon. 2004. Green and healthy paints, stains and finishes. Green Homes for Sale. 5 p. www.healthyhomesforsale.com/products_paint.htmlAnon. 2005. Paints, finishes and adhesives. A Sourcebook for Green and Sustainable Building. 12 p. www.greenbuilder.com/sourcebook/FinishesAdhesives.htmlEdwards, Lynn. 2003. Natural paints. Permaculture Magazine. Autumn. 3 p.Hurst-Wajszczuk, Joe. 2004. Color your world with safer paints. The Mother Earth News Guide to Homes. Summer. p. 90-93.