Where can I find information about producing and hatching fertilized eggs?

O.E.CaliforniaAnswer: Producing fertile eggs depends on several factors listed in the chapter “Incubation and brooding” cited below, as well as on the rooster/hen ratio needed to produce fertile eggs. Several of the cited articles and sections from books below deal with fertility issues, handling hatching eggs, and recommended rooster/hen ratios.Also cited are several articles and chapters from books dealing with natural incubation by the hen and with incubators. These materials provide a good starting point in considering which method will work best for you.Also see the article “Egg Processing by Hand” that discusses washing and candling eggs. Candling eggs is the best method to check eggs for embryo development. In addition, there are several articles and publications that deal with brooding the chicks after hatching.ResourcesAlexander, Daniel. 1996. Making chickens?From chickens. Cognition. Summer. p. 9-11.Anon. 2001. Incubation, and Using incubation equipment. Nova Scotia Agriculture and Fisheries. 7 p.www.gov.ns.ca/nsaf/elibrary/archive/lives/feather/incubation1.htmAnon. 2004. Success with baby chicks. Norton Creek Press home page. 4 p. www.plamondon.com/nortoncreekpress.htmlBatty, J. 1990. Number of females. In: Natural Incubation and Rearing. Nimrod Press Ltd. p. 21-23.Bennett, Dan. 2002. The brooder nightmare. American Pastured Poultry Producers Association Newsletter Grit, Issue #23. p. 8-9.Ensminger, M. E. 1992. Incubation and brooding. In: Poultry Science. Interstate Publishing, Inc., Danville, Illinois. p. 43-55.Fanatico, Anne. 2003. Egg processing by hand. American Pastured Poultry Producers Association Newsletter Grit, Issue #26. p. 6-7, 13.Glos, Karma. 2002. Organic brooder management. Organic Farms, Folks & Foods. Mid-Spring. p. 23-25.Lyons, Jesse J. 1999. Brooding and growing chicks. University of Missouri-Columbia Extension. G 8351. 4 p.Sturges, T. W. 1987. Hatching, rearing and selling chickens. In: Poultry Culture for Profit. Nimrod Press, LTD., England. p. 68-75.Sullenberger, David. 1990. The original incubator: How to hatch chicks the “natural” way. Countryside & Small Stock Journal. July/August. p. 26-28.Throp, Jack. 1991. Hatching eggs from setting hens. AMBC News. January/February. p. 6-7.Willard, Christine. 2004. Breeding programs for the home flock. Small Farm Today. January. p. 30-32.