Where can I find information on how to evaluate production contracts with poultry processing companies?

L.M.LouisianaAnswer: The Farmers’ Legal Action Group, Inc. has the free publication Assessing the Impact of Integrator Practices on Contract Poultry Growers available at their Web site or by request (see Resources, below). Also see their publication Livestock Production Contracts: Risks for Family Farmers.There are several publications from Missouri, Illinois, and Georgia on what to look for and consider before signing a production contract. It is very important for all parties to READ AND UNDERSTAND EVERYTHING BEFORE THEY SIGN.ResourcesAnon. No date. Livestock production contracts. Illinois Specialty Farm Products. University of Illinois. 10 p. http://web.aces.uiuc.edu/value/contracts/livestock.htmCunningham, Dan L. 2002. Guide for prospective contract broiler producers. University of Georgia Extension. 7 p. www.ces.uga.edu/pubcd/B1167.htmFarmers’ Legal Action Group, Inc. 2003. A current broiler contract analysis addressing legal issues and grower concerns. In: Assessing the impact of integrator practices on contract poultry growers. FLAG. 42 p. www.flaginc.com/home.htmMatthews, Stephen F. 2001. Ag production contracts: Freedom to contract, public & private goods. Missouri Agricultural Law Center. 6 p. October 15. www.ssu.missouri.edu/faculty/smatthews/ag_production_contracts.htmMorison, Carole. 2001. Contract poultry farming. American Agriculture Movement, Inc. 2 p. www.aaminc.org/newsletter/v7i4/v714p4.htm