Where can I find information on integrating small livestock into a greenhouse?

E.B.OhioAnswer: While rabbits and chickens can provide warmth in a greenhouse, it is important to make sure they receive adequate ventilation. The higher humidity and temperature of a greenhouse can be problematic. Some good resources are materials about Anna Edey’s solar greenhouse that incorporates livestock. Edey is able to raise rabbits and chickens in her greenhouse, and she uses an “earth-lung” to filter out the toxic ammonia gas. Also, Rick Meisterheim in Michigan received a SARE grant in the mid-90s to look at integrating poultry into a greenhouse. Resources:Edey, Anna. 1998. Solviva. Trailblazer Press, Martha’s Vineyard, MA. Edey, Anna. 1994. Solviva greenhouse: Something new under the sun. The Growing EDGE. Volume 5, No. 3.Jannasch, Rupert. 2004. Heater hens and hothouses. The Canadian Organic Grower. Summer. p. 46-47.Lee, Andy. 1994. Chicken Tractor. Good Earth Publications, Shelburne, VT. MacDougall, Ellie. 1993. Anna Edey grows with nature at Solviva. Maine Organic Farmer & Gardener. November-December. p. 16-17. Meisterheim, Rick. 1998. SARE Final Report.Mollison, Bill. No date. Permaculture: A Designers’ Manual. Tagari Publication, Tyalgum Australia.