Where can I find information on making or buying water rams and sling pumps?

C.H. Pennsylvania Answer: Listed below are two articles on making and using water ram pumps and sling pumps, as well as Web links to manufacturers. The Rife Hydraulic Engine Mfg. Co., Inc., manufacturers the Rife Ram, the sling pump, and the pasture pump, and the Ram Company manufacturers the Fleming Hydro-Ram. ResourcesMoates, Tom. 2004. Hydraulic ram pump how-to. Countryside & Small Stock Journal. July-August. p. 32-35. Moore, Sam. 2000. Hydraulic rams. Rural Heritage. Holiday. p. 85?87. Rife Hydraulic Engine Mfg. Co., Inc. 2003-2005. Rife products. 11 p. www.riferam.com The Ram Company. 2005. The Fleming Hydro-Ram. 14 p. www.theramcompany.com