Where can I find nut-grinding equipment that will make 50 to 100 pounds of nut butter per hour?

J.M. VirginiaAnswer: The Olde Tyme nut butter grinders from Pleasant Hill Grain Quality Kitchen Equipment are about the size you need (see Web link below), but you should also look at the manufacturers listed in Thomas Food & Beverage Market Place. The size of their grinders is not listed, but some of them may also be close to what you need. Resources Anon. 2004. Equipment & machinery: Food Processing: Nut Grinding, and address of companies. Thomas Food & Beverage Market Place, Volume 2. p. Index-87, 391, 481, 543, 683, 1159, and cover.Anon. 2005. Milling fibrous materials & nuts, and Nut butter/Peanut butter making machines. Pleasant Hill Grain quality kitchen Equipment. 6 p. www.pleasanthillgrain.com/millable_materials.asp