Where can I find plastic posts, or other alternatives to treated lumber, for building horse fences?

S.L.OhioAnswer: Below are three Web site listings for sources of vinyl horse fences and posts. The phone number is listed on each company’s information.There is also information about a post wrap that might be of interest. It would allow you to use untreated posts instead of treated posts. I am unsure of the availability of native wood posts in your area, but ATTRA’s Organic Alternatives to Treated Lumber includes information and an enclosure discussing native wood species best for posts. ResourcesATTRA publication:Organic Alternatives to Treated LumberPostsaver USA. 2005. Postsaver. 5 p.www.postsaverusa.comRamm Fence. 2005. Plastic fence posts. 2 p.www.rammfence.com/RF_fence_posts_overview.htmUSA Vinyl Fence Company. 2005. Horse fence. 2 p.www.usavinyl.com/posandrailfe1.htmlVinyl Fence. 2005. Quality horse fence by vinyl solutions. 3 p.www.vinylfence.com/ranch.htm