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Where can I find production budgets for peas or other crops profitable in Florida?

L.K. FloridaAnswer: There are two ATTRA resource lists that will lead you to this information: Agricultural Business Planning Templates and Resources and Enterprise Budgets and Production Costs for Organic Production. They contain links to many other Web sites. Production Costs and Commodity Budgets for Selected Florida Vegetables is available on the Web at, or you can contact Cooperative Extension for a printed copy. This bulletin contains the estimated cost of production (budgets) for twelve vegetable crops, but not for peas. The organic non-staked snap pea budget below is from the University of California. Please keep in mind that these are representative production budgets, meant to be used as planning tools. Your own costs and returns may vary greatly.Additional ResourceKlonsky, Karen, Laura Tourte, David Chaney, Pete Livingston, and Richard Smith. 2003. Costs to Produce Organic Non-Staked Snap Peas. Cultural Practices and Sample Costs for Organic Vegetable Production on the Central Coast of California. U.C. Davis, Vegetable Research and Information Center. p. 49?52.