Where can I find resources for on-farm electricity generation by steam engine?

G.N.MissouriAnswer: In response to your inquiry into the purchase of modern steam engines, I have found the following sources:Reliable Steam Engine Co.212 Bain DriveTidewater, OR 97390(541) 528-3380On the website www.pioneer.net/~carlich/ they describe several steam engines they manufacture; they offer both the castings, so a do-it-yourself machinist can produce the final engine, and finished engines. On the website description they say they offer “Small 4-40 HP Steam engines and boilers for sale.” They also manufacture boilers and controls.Mike Brown SolutionsP.O. Box 4884-N Springfield, MO 65808Mike Brown Solutions www.mikebrownsolutions.com/mbsteam.htm offers one horsepower, three horsepower, and twenty horsepower steam engines. They also offer completed engines or the castings from which a machinist can build the finished engine. There are a couple of books offered, Basics of Steam Engineering and Steam Boiler Basics, and a lot of other materials on a variety of subjects. The web site is a little strange to navigate, but there are a lot of resources there.Crescent Marine Steam Engines www.cabinfeverexpo.com/Crescent/A New Zealand resource www.colonialenergy.co.nz/ A listing of engines for sale; most are small, but there are some larger ones www.steam-engines-for-sale.com/A listing of antique engine shows is on www.old-engine.com/shows.shtmlA listing of steam books is available at www.enginebooks.com/steam.htmOne steam engine under development is the Cyclone engine. It looks like it is designed to work with liquid or gaseous fuels. The engine is under development, but Cyclone feels as though this would be a good application for the engine. www.cyclonepower.com/Another small steam engine (the site doesn’t indicate Horsepower) is the Green Steam Engine www.greensteamengine.com/On the subject of interconnection to the utility, it looks is though Missouri allows net metering of biomass fueled generation up to 100 KW. Their rules can be seen online at www.sos.mo.gov/adrules/csr/current/4csr/4c240-20.pdf.Expect a system to cost in the $30K range and generate enough power to be a net producer of power.