Where can I go for information about setting up a small meat processing facility?

M.B. MissouriAnswer: Below are several Web-based resources that will get you started, but be sure you are familiar with all state and federal regulations related to meat processing?and remember that your state may have some regulations more stringent than those of USDA. As always, we caution all rural entrepreneurs to thoroughly research both the business model under consideration and the available market.Featherlite Trailers is the manufacturer of a mobile processing unit approved by USDA. ResourcesAnon. 2004. Creating a bright future for livestock farmers in Minnesota. Report by the Citizen Task Force on Livestock Farmers & Rural Communities. September 28. 26 p. www.landstewardshipproject.org/pdf/citiz_task_report.pdf (PDF 173 kb) Anon. No date. Feasibility study for energy efficient on-farm poultry and small ruminant processing plants. The Center for Agricultural Development & Entrepreneurship. 20 p. www.cadefarms.org/pdf/Feasibility%20Study.pdf (PDF 720 kb) Anon. 2002. Featherlite Trailers. 2 p. www.featherliteusa.comAnon. 2003. Publications: Planning a small meat packing business. Penn State. 2 p. Publications Distribution CenterThe Pennsylvania State University112 Agricultural Administration BuildingUniversity Park, PA 16802-2602 Roche, Jonathan. 2001. Cost analysis: A meat processing facility in Western Massachusetts. Open Field Foundation and Massachusetts Dept. of Food and Agriculture. June 6. 32 p. www.mass.gov/agr/programs/agroenviro/grantreport_openfields_meatproc.pdf (PDF 149 kb)