Blue Blossom Farm

Contact information
Farm Address:
115 Blue Blossom Ln.
Eureka, California, 95503

Primary Contact: Albert
Secondary Contact: Marina

Primary Phone:
    Number: 707 407-0463

Secondary Phone
    Number: 707 407 0463



Internship information
General Farm Description: We have a small diversified family farm, including fruits/veggies/flowers/herbs, cows and chickens. The land itself is situated on 8 acres, half of which is redwood forest and houses, the other half pasture/corral etc.. Our primary enterprise is the small dairy (around 5 milkers), which requires the most daily work. We make products with the milk, and operate a small onsite farm stand. We are situated about 4 miles from Arcata, a small college town, and Eureka, a slightly larger "city". The ocean is about 5 miles away as well. This area has many outdoor recreation opportunities.

CRAFT Member Farm? No

Internship Starts: anytime
Internship Ends: 6 months later
Number of Internship Available: 1 or 2
Application Deadline: anytime
Minimum Length of Stay: 1 month

Internship Details:

Farm interns our expected to do animal chores 5 times a week, which adds up to about around 15 hours total per week.  Chores include milking cows (with machine), processing milk, feeding hay, cleaning corral, feeding chickens, collecting eggs etc..  It is pretty much the same job every day, but if you enjoy simple meaningful tasks, sweet animals, beautiful flowers and foliage, being outside, it can be very gratifying.  This job is better suited for people who enjoy eating dairy products/fresh food in general.   An ideal candidate has a sincere interest in the homesteading lifestyle.

Educational Opportunities: By living here, interns will learn what it means to manage a small dairy herd, grow veggies, make various agricultural products and generally gain homesteading skills.

Skills Desired: No experience necessary, just a willingness to do heavy outdoor physical labor and a positive attitude.

Meals: We occasionally have group meals, but interns are expected to cook for themselves in the communal kitchen, which is semi outdoors. We provide farm food (dairy, eggs, meat, veggies) as well as staples such as beans, rice, coffee, bread, flour, etc... Given this is a work trade, with no money involved, somebody who has an relatively open diet (and enjoys cooking) would benefit most :)

Stipend: No

Housing: Yes, we have two tiny cabins (each around 100 sq feet indoors), each with a wood stove, bed, storage space, private outdoor shower, toilets, deck, forest.

Preferred method of Contact: email