Butler Green Farms

Contact information
Farm Address:
PO Box 4458
Rollingbay, Washington, 98061

Primary Contact: Brian MacWhorter
Primary Phone:
    Number: 360-620-5181
    Email: butlergreenfarms@comcast.net

Website: http://www.butlergreenfarms.com

Internship information
General Farm Description: 35 acre Certified Organic/biodynamic farm business on Bainbridge Island a short ferry ride from Seattle. Rural island setting on Puget Sound with the moderate climate of Olympic rainforest and Cascade mountains. Beautiful acreage of rolling hills with pastured animals integrated in our food production. We specialize in season extension using many greenhouses, hoop houses, high tunnels, that we have developed in 49years of organic farming in the NW. Our main focus is season extension which is well suited for our mild NW maritime weather. We are able to provide fresh produce to our local community throughout the year. This certainly has become an even more crucial responsibility due to these trying times. Our other main focus is of course maintaining high levels of sustainable soil fertility on our farm. We accomplish this with extensive biodynamic practices including aerobic composting, large compost tea brewers , humic acid applications, no-till cultivation practices, cover cropping, worm castings and biodynamic compost preparations.

CRAFT Member Farm? No

Internship Starts: early 2024
Internship Ends: 10/31/2024
Number of Internship Available: 3
Application Deadline: ASAP
Minimum Length of Stay: 8 months

Internship Details:

Our intern program is in it’s 19th year. We have had 85+ interns go through our program and many have purchased or presently work on farms. Our program is based on solid educational framework with practical experience to support that knowledge.

We try to create an environment that allows the individuals to fully immerse themselves in the farm life. Many interns have created lifetime friendships through all the sweating together sharing hard physical farm work and the fun times they have sharing with each other all those amazing accomplishments of the season. At the end of each season we have asked an intern to stay on as an apprentice the next season. Several have remained for several years, (have I mentioned that we work with an Organic farm in Mexico where the new apprentices have an opportunity to spend the winter).

This is our third season since we launched our Butler Green Farm School SPC. We have developed a complete classroom curriculum taught by an experienced staff and augmented with chosen guess speakers, working in conjunction with an on-hands field work throughout the growing season to be an even more effective learning experience.

Educational Opportunities: Our program emphasizes current marketing strategies for small market farms which include: CSA, Farmer's market. restaurants, wholesale store accounts, established plant nursery and cut flower business. Besides fruits, flowers and vegetables we raise chickens. We process some foods so to offer a large variety of food valued products for our customers. The interns learn to operate and maintain various size tractors and specialized equipment used in our operation. All interns learn by hands-on experience working aside other full-time employees in the field and at all other tasks of our farm business. We feel experiencing first hand and asking insightful questions and sharing new ideas among each other while in the moment is most effective. We have partnered with Kitsap Co Farm Mentorship Program " Cultivating Success" ; Sustainable Small Farms Educational Program and WSU for a series of workshops throughout the season at various local farms. The Farm School addition to our program allows us to present an complete curriculum that concentrates on every aspect of sustainable organic farming in a weekly classroom setting. Our goal is for every one the completes the program is able to find a farming opportunity and feel confident enough to begin farming and operate their own organic farm business in the future.

Skills Desired: Farm experience not necessary, but if you have worked on a farm and have begun developing a passion for farm life we would like you to apply. Bring a positive attitude, strong verbal skills and are willing to work hard when needed and able to relax and have fun the rest of the time.

Meals: You grow your own food, and can prepare and eat your meals together.

Stipend: $1400 per month plus bonuses, amounts may increase depending on experience

Housing: Intern housing.

Preferred method of Contact: email