Farm Hand – Butcher

Contact information
Farm Address:
32 Sunny Ridge Road
Bethlehem, Connecticut, 06779

Primary Contact: Jared McCool
Primary Phone:
    Number: 860-302-7847


Internship information
General Farm Description: SPPS - Steadfast Farms Poultry Processing & Slaughter is CT only USDA Inspected Poultry Slaughter Facility.

CRAFT Member Farm? No

Internship Starts: 6/1/24 (Ongoing)
Internship Ends: 11/31/24 with Options to stay on full time
Number of Internship Available: 3
Application Deadline: Ongoing
Minimum Length of Stay: 90 days

Internship Details:

We are looking for Farm Hands, Butchers, Food Prep

**This job is not in a kitchen, However, kitchen skills are highly applicable.**

Steadfast Farms Poultry Processing & Slaughter LLC in Bethlehem, CT is looking for food preparation staff to join our 7-person-strong team. Our ideal candidates are attentive, ambitious, and engaged.

SPPS is Connecticut’s only USDA Inspected Poultry Slaughter Facility.

Veteran Owned and Operated

As a Steadfast Farms Poultry Processing and Slaughter Food Preparation staff, you will be responsible for following food safety protocols, SPPS Policies, and USDA guidelines, for processing poultry. You will be communicating effectively and efficiently within a team of 6 or more people in a poultry facility in which birds will be slaughtered, scalded, eviscerated, chilled, wrapped, and stored- amongst other duties to help bring wholesome poultry from Farm to Table.


This may include but is not limited to

  • work with live animals
  • humanly slaughter and process poultry
  • perform basic butcher knife skills
  • follow food safety and quality guidelines and policies
  • work with USDA inspector under federal inspection
  • cleaning of the facility
  • working with others on a team
  • working alone
  • working with customers


  • Must be 18+ years of age
  • Ability to safely, properly, and respectively operate equipment
  • Ability to perform various cleaning duties as a team to company and USDA standards
  • Ability to work both independently and within a team environment
  • Ability to stay organized, be detail-oriented, follow instructions, and multitask in a professional and efficient manner
  • Ability to maintain a sense of urgency in a fast-paced environment
  • Able to commute to work in Bethlehem, CT

Educational Opportunities: On the Job Training

Skills Desired: Farm, Poultry, or kitchen Work is highly applicable but not necessary. Will Train the correct Candidates. Must be ok with working in a facility that humanly butchers live poultry.

Meals: No, this is a paid internship.

Stipend: This is a Paid Internship based on experience and can lead to a full time Job Offer.

Housing: No, you must be able to commute to Bethlehem, CT at the farm. We are not on any public transportation routes and have no housing or transportation available.

Preferred method of Contact: Email