Garden & Animal Care – The Farmstead

Contact information
Farm Address:
2630 Grassy Knob Rd
Mill Spring, North Carolina, 28756

Primary Contact: Darin Brockelbank
Secondary Contact: Heather Brockelbank

Primary Phone:
    Number: 704-488-2704

Secondary Phone
    Number: 704-451-7089



Internship information
General Farm Description: The Farmstead at Mill Spring is a small farm with poultry, small livestock, and a garden. The property is also set up with tiny homes, yurts, and glamping tents for vacationers to stay and enjoy the farm lifestyle.

CRAFT Member Farm? No

Internship Starts: ASAP
Internship Ends: Yearly Contract
Number of Internship Available: 1
Application Deadline: N/A
Minimum Length of Stay: 365 days

Internship Details:
  • Planting seasonal gardens and expanding the existing garden
  • Cultivating, fertilizing, and pruning all fruit
  • Working the garden (2 hrs./day or 14 hrs. per week)
  • Harvesting the garden (canning, etc.)
  • We have the space and will provide seeds and supplies to plant the garden.
  • Monitoring activity on the property
  • Maintaining landscaping (see details below). The tasks can be broken down to daily or one day per week (8 hrs.).
  • Light farm chores (collecting eggs, feeding birds & other animals, cleaning chicken coop, fence repair, moving sheep & goats to rotate pastures, etc.). Filling bird seed feeders.
  • Rodent and predator preventive measures.
  • Pick up materials and supplies.
  • Budget for farm maintenance and gardening (hours and cost)
  • Be prepared with an update for weekly call and every other week walk through with owners. This would include a budget and time frame for work to be done.
  • Allowance of up to $100 of expenses per week without prior permission to spend for expenses related to scope of work (farm and landscape related)
  • Meet with any contractors doing work on the property and relay information to owners.
  • Inspect behind cleaners and be a back up cleaner (for additional pay of $50)
  • Animal Care may increase over time as we add more livestock.
  • This property is an active Farmstead but also a place where vacationers can visit and book a tiny home or Yurt for a short stay. This position would also require to be on call 4 hours/day (between 4-8pm) (2 additional hours beyond the time for the garden & landscape) to offer Customer Service and to assist guests with check-in, answer any questions about the area, be first to assess any maintenance issues and repair any minor issues or communicate to the Property Manager if you don’t have the skill set to fix or it will take more than a couple of hours.  Also, let the Property Manager know if a guest checks out late.

Weekly Schedule for Groundskeeping:

  • Clean out culverts
  • Weed-whack banks along driveway
  • Repair fences
  • Blow driveway, parking, and patios
  • Spray driveway and parking areas for weeds
  • Pick up sticks (cut into smaller pieces and put by fire pits)
  • Rake mulch that has been misplaced by water
  • Rake over gravel areas where tires have spun
  • Erosion control after heavy rains
  • Clean gutter & roof debris
  • Check yurts & tents for leaks
  • Clean chicken coops
  • Pick up trash
  • Pull weeds in flower beds
  • Make sure aerators in ponds are working

Quarterly Schedule:

  • Spray kudzu in late Spring.
  • Fall seeding (1 week of labor)
  • Winter Clean Up (4 weeks of labor)

Housing and utilities will be provided in exchange for the work listed above.  The housing includes a Kodiak Camper Trailer.  We will provide water, electricity, Wi-Fi, and trash (dumpster at top of driveway).   In addition, income will be paid at a rate of $800/month on a bi-weekly basis.

Educational Opportunities: Lots of learning opportunities! We allow for growth in skills and are open to ideas to increase productivity.

Skills Desired: We are looking for someone who has basic livestock and poultry care, gardening skills and general landscape skills.

Meals: No

Stipend: We offer housing, utilities, Wi-Fi, sharing of the produce from the garden and poultry, plus $800/month in pay.

Housing: Yes

Preferred method of Contact: Text