Hydroponic Grow Tech – Brightbox Farms

Contact information
Farm Address:
3384 Antone Way
Kodiak, Alaska, 99615

Primary Contact: Siene Allen
Primary Phone:
    Number: 9079429094
    Email: brightboxfarms@gmail.com

Website: https://www.brightboxfarms.com

Internship information
General Farm Description: BrightBox Farms is a family-owned controlled environment agriculture (CEA) farm in Kodiak, Alaska. We grow lettuce, salad mixes, edible flowers, herbs, microgreens, kale, chard, asian greens, pac choi and other greens using hydroponic methods to meet our community’s demand for fresh and reliable local produce. We take pride in the unique quality products we offer that make every meal delicious and nutritious.

CRAFT Member Farm? No

Internship Starts: June 26, 2023
Internship Ends: May 31, 2024
Number of Internship Available: 1
Application Deadline: open until filled
Minimum Length of Stay: 3 months

Internship Details:

We are looking for one enthusiastic, hardworking, and motivated intern who loves good food and community to join our team as we work together to develop a thriving and sustainable local food economy in the Gulf of Alaska.  As we operate the farm in all seasons, this opportunity could turn into a long-term position.

This is an hourly position, varying between 24-30 hours per week.  The Grow Tech reports to the owner of the company and is responsible for the following routine farming tasks:      

  • Follow crop planting and harvesting schedules to meet production goals and fulfill customer orders.
  • Monitor and implement solutions to maintain crop health to meet production goals, including monitoring of hydroponic systems daily (ph, ec, water temp, pumps, drip emitters, lights, etc.) to ensure they are in working order and within optimal ranges for plant growth.
  • Monitor plants for any signs of pests or disease that could impact production, report any unusual activity immediately and implement non-toxic protocols to reduce pressure on crops.
  • Prepare nutrient solutions at correct dilution rates and ensure nutrient tanks are topped off.
  • Perform seeding, harvesting, packaging, order fulfillment, and distribution activities.
  • Follow established cleaning and maintenance schedules for the farm, cooler, and packaging areas.
  • Monitor cold storage and implement best practices that extend produce life.
  • Monitor inventory of seed, growing supplies, and packaging and notify owner on schedule to reorder to ensure no disruption of activities.
  • Prepare and fulfill weekly subscription orders, including online orders, wholesale accounts, and subscriptions.  
  • Deliver products to wholesale accounts on time.
  • Track quantity and names of each product delivered to wholesale accounts weekly and submit information for invoicing.  
  • Deliver product to wholesale customers and stock cooler weekly. 
  • Update inventory of available product for our online store and social media.
  • Participate in seasonal farmer’s markets and other in-person events.
  • Support value-added products development and sales.
  • Provide excellent customer service and maintain positive customer relationships.
  • Participate in industry round-tables, engaging with other farmers, sharing knowledge, and applying learned information to improve operations.

Educational Opportunities: This is a good opportunity for someone to learn the ins and outs of running a small farm business and learn hydroponic methods. The right candidate will receive training in our systems and processes, but must be a fast learner, problem solver, and self-starter.

Skills Desired: Some degree of agricultural education, work, or experience is preferred as this is 100% about optimizing growth and quality of the plants we sell. Hydroponic experience is very helpful, as this position requires the ability to demonstrate functional understanding of the essential components of a controlled agriculture environment including hydroponic nutrient delivery, climate control, artificial lighting, airflow and humidity, and automation.  Must be mechanically-minded and able to assess system functionality, troubleshoot issues, make repairs, perform routine maintenance, and identify and spec out system improvements.  Must demonstrate knowledge of plant nutrition including dosing, nutrient balance, deficiency correction, and the relationship between pH, EC, and temperature. Must be able to use online tools, spreadsheets and apps to monitor the farm, track sales, optimize production, and manage inventory. Experience with social media marketing is a plus. There is opportunity to work on content development that tells a compelling story about our mission and vision, who we are as a company, is on brand, engages a wide demographic of current customers, and attracts new consumers. Must display a positive attitude, be a good communicator, respond well to feedback, be reliable, demonstrate a problem-solving orientation and analytical mindset, take pride in responsibilities, and willing to assume additional tasks when needed to support the overall mission and objective of the company.

Meals: No meals, but there is a produce share available.

Stipend: $15-$18/hr DOE.

Housing: If desired. We have an available room at our home or space for a camper van to park.

Preferred method of Contact: Text