Marble Mountain Farm

Contact information
Farm Address:
PO BOX 778
Happy Camp, California, 96039

Primary Contact: Ross Husted
Secondary Contact: Susan Baldwin

Primary Phone:
    Number: (707)499-3462

Secondary Phone
    Number: (707)382-0390



Internship information
General Farm Description: Marble Mountain Farm is a 10 acre certified organic farm offering hands-on experience in all aspects of market farming from sowing seeds to selling vegetables, planning a field or garden area to creating value added products. We are remotely located near the Marble Mountain Wilderness and the PCT, two hours from Ashland, OR and Mt. Shasta, CA, 3 hours from Eureka, CA. We grow a wide diversity of plants on the farm from traditional food crops to perennial medicinal herbs. The focus of our farm is on creating a small-scale sustainable farmstead with healthy functioning systems and a diversified income. We attend farmer's markets throughout the week from May to November. We teach long-term interns skills like heavy machinery operation, soil making and building, chainsaw operation, fencing, pruning, seed-starting, greenhouse techniques, irrigation skills, retail marketing, and more. Full-season internship provides the experience necessary to grow food crops from seed to table.

CRAFT Member Farm? No

Internship Starts: 3/1/22, 4/1/22
Internship Ends: 11/1/22
Number of Internship Available: 3
Application Deadline: Ongoing
Minimum Length of Stay: 6 months

Internship Details:

This is a full-time immersive experience in every step of maintaining an annual vegetable farm, from tilling the field in the spring through sowing cover crop in the fall, growing the starts in the greenhouse to selling the resulting vegetables at market. This internship opportunity is aimed at people who are looking to build the foundational skills necessary to operate a diverse small-scale organic farm.
Interns will get direct hands on experience with field prep, seed sowing, observation, weeding and cultivating, harvesting, processing, cleaning and selling of vegetables, fruit, herbs and seeds. Interns must be able to wake early, lift 50 pounds to waist level, work outside, and maintain a steady pace through the work day. Keeping a daily journal of farm tasks, observations, and lessons is encouraged. Food is provided but everyone must be able to cook meals. We’re looking for self-motivated folks who are capable, flexible and can maintain a pleasant functional workspace.
Serious inquiries only.

Educational Opportunities: This internship includes learning to use a tractor, chainsaw, weedeater, rototiller, chipper, and other small motors. Basic farming skills include bed making, soil building, seed starting, transplanting, plant care, perennial plant care and harvesting, greenhouse growing, drip irrigation, weeding, fertilizing, mulching, harvesting, and packing vegetables. We attend farmers' markets and welcome interns to help at the market, learning and refining experience in sales and working with people. This also involves cleaning, processing, packing and transporting vegetables to preserve their fresh-from-the-field quality. In addition to these farm jobs, we regularly have other projects going including building a chicken coop, improving farm infrastructure, mycorestoration projects, herbal medicine making, and canning and fermenting food.

Skills Desired: Experience doing manual labor, especially working with wheel barrows and hand tools like hoes and shovels, small machines like weed wackers and leaf blowers is preferred. Knowledge and experience with organic and natural farming, permaculture techniques, market farming and food security issues are not essential but provide a strong base to build from.

Meals: Interns are responsible for their own meals. Basic staples will be provided in the communal kitchen, and we are fairly flexible and willing to work with individual dietary needs. Occasionally we host farm dinners for everyone working on the farm and given the right crew dynamic, farm lunches with a rotating schedule are an option.

Stipend: We have been offering a weekly stipend, starting at $150/week plus room and board. For committed workers who show ability, consistency and commitment we will consider increasing the stipend. We source as much of our food locally as possible, including meat and grain.

Housing: There is a shared kitchen in a cabin with a stove, fridge, cold running water and a wood stove. The cabin has a lounge/dining room as well. There are various 'glamping' opportunities, including a campsite next to the creek with a firepit, benches, and counter space. There are other spots as well for people who want more privacy or who are set up to sleep in their vehicles. We have an all-season canvas tent with a woodstove available for each intern. There's a bathroom with a toilet, sink and hot shower in the basement of the main house, as well as laundry facilities and wifi.

Preferred method of Contact: email