Multiple Jobs – River Run Farm

Contact information
Farm Address:
2800 Woodcock Road
Sequim, Washington, 98382

Primary Contact: Beth Ann Paul
Primary Phone:
    Number: 3604105438


Internship information
General Farm Description: We are a 100 acre, mid-scale diversified certified organic vegetable farm in Sequim, WA, sandwiched between the Olympic Mountains and the Strait of Juan de Fuca. We are committed to developing agricultural systems that prioritize soil health, crop quality, and produce affordability. We are passionate about growing our farm into an agro-ecosystem that is producing exceptionally nutritious food while nurturing all of us to be better farmers. As we begin our 11th season, we continue to look to nature for inspiration in the development of our farming practices. We retail produce direct to our customers at farmers markets, our ~350 person CSA, and wholesale to regional grocers. We are a commercial farm employing both US workers and H2A visa holders. @riverrunfarm_sequim Farm Schedule: Monday - Friday, hours are seasonally dependent, more hours in the heart of the summer and generally less hours during the shoulder season. Saturday-Sunday local and Seattle Farmers Markets. High Season: May - November, year round work possible. We grow and distribute produce year round.

CRAFT Member Farm? No

Internship Starts: March-June
Internship Ends: September-December
Number of Internship Available: 4
Application Deadline: 12/31/23
Minimum Length of Stay: 6 months

Internship Details:




  • An interest and ability to communicate clearly and comfortably with a diverse group of people
  • Easy to get along with and positive attitude
  • A familiarity with vegetables and an eye for subtle quality differences
  • An ability to work diligently and maintain focus for through tedious tasks
  • An ability to do physically demanding work and work long hours
  • Thoughtfulness and an aptitude for listening, an ability to be sensitive to the needs of your teammates
  • Ability to lift up to 50 lbs repeatedly
  • Must be able to bend, crawl, and kneel for extended periods of time
  • Must be tolerant to all weather conditions (including wind, cold, sun, and rain)
  • Applicants should have a positive attitude towards hard work and readily display the ability to successfully engage with instruction and feedback.
  • Spanish language ability is a plus


  • Harvest produce for CSA, farmer’s markets, and wholesale accounts including: kale, lettuce, beets, carrots, potatoes, cabbage, turnips, radishes, cut greens, cauliflower, cucumbers, tomatoes, chard and much, much more!
  • Wash, sort, and pack vegetables in a semi enclosed pack shed.
  • Plant care, hoeing, hand weeding/thinning, transplanting

Harvest Team Member (Full Time)

June – September

35-50 hrs weekly

Propagation Assistant  (Full Time)

May – December

35-50 hrs weekly

This position is a member of the harvest team 2-3 days a week and helps in propagation 2-3 days per week during the busy season (May-July) under the supervision of the propagation manager to ensure the vitality of our transplants. Transitions full time to harvest crew after July. . 

Special Duties include: 

– hand seeding

– vacuum seeding

– tray staging, moving, and coordination

– transplanting

– watering

Propagation Manager  (Full Time)

March – August

35-50 hrs weekly

With the help from the Propagation Assistant, this position oversees the entire production of our plants. Through seeding, watering, and transplant, the propagation manager is responsible for ensuring the productivity and health of all plants. This requires following the planting schedule as closely as possible, coordinating with the farm manager for crew assistance and scheduling, and daily checking of plant viability.  

Special Duties include: 

– Seed tracking, creating order lists

– Updating logs

– hand seeding

– vacuum seeding

– tray staging, moving, and coordination

– transplanting

– watering

Packshed Manager (Full Time)

May – December

35-50 hrs weekly

We have a beautiful, semi-enclosed pack shed with multiple wash stations, a root washer, and 2 walk-in coolers. All of our produce comes through the pack shed before distribution to the community. The Packshed Manager plays an important role in ensuring that we send out high quality produce.

Special Duties include: 

– Oversee general packshed organization, cleanliness, and storage.

– Keep inventory and order supplies (hoses, veggie ties, bags, scissors, etc). 

– Perform (with team support) the washing, bagging, and packing of vegetables.

– Distribute and label produce to the proper place in the walk-in cooler.

– Coordinate with the Farm Manager about harvest timing, storage, washing, and distribution.

– Delegate packshed tasks to other harvest team members as necessary.

– Preform or delegate table cloth washing procedure

– Work with Farm Manager to hire marketeers and subs as needed

– Maintain Farmers Market record of sales and update items in Square weekly 

Marketeer (Sequim/Port Angeles)

Port Angeles December Start – Year round as crops are available  

Sequim May – October

Saturdays 7:00 am – 3:00 pm (approx), 7-8 hour day

Special Duties include: 

-Load produce from the packshed onto the farm truck/van, drive to market  

– Set up and break down market stand

– Engage customers and sell produce

– Maintain relationships with other vendors and market staff

– Keep records of produce brought, sold, and returned 


April 15-September 15 

35-50 hrs weekly

Special Duties include: 

-Move lines in the field

-Participating in morning meetings with the production team 

-Maintaining tools and equipment; handling blow outs and pipe problems with the primary irrigator 

-Walking many miles a day (avg 8+)

Tractor Operator

April – August 

35-50 hrs weekly

Special Duties include: 

– Being an engaged member of a 3-4 person production crew; attending and contributing to daily morning meetings

– have a hand in planting, irrigating, cultivating, tillage, and working to bring our farm’s crop plan to life and deliver the best quality crops possible to our customers

– At times of the year this job will be diverse, but for the months of Apr-Aug you will spend much of your time on a tractor

– You will be the farm’s primary tractor operator and need to be interested and willing to work until the work is done

– When tractor work lightens up in the summer and fall you may have the option to join the harvest team

 Harvest Crew Lead 

May – December

35-50 hrs weekly

This position supports the farm manager by leading the crew when they are not in the field. This position gives feedback to the crew on technique, quality, and keeps track of quantity and pace. This person is empathetic to the needs of the crew and speaks for them in meetings. This position learns the duties of the farm manager and has the opportunity to grow into an assistant manager. A multiple season commitment is STRONGLY preferred for this position. 

Special Duties include: 

  • Generally lead the crew on tasks or harvest when the farm manager is not available
  • Give feedback on harvest technique and quality to harvest crew
  • Keep crew on track and on pace 
  • Lead bunch checks throughout harvest
  • Have a good understanding of crew morale and report to farm manager when changes need to be made 

Direct Seeder

May – December

35-50 hrs weekly

This position is a key member of the harvest crew. In addition to harvesting, this person is responsible for all the direct seeding of radishes, turnips, spinach, salad greens, and more. They learn to use a push seeder and are responsible for checking these crops and advocating for their needs. This position is also responsible for maintaining row cover over these crops and in storage. Seeding generally takes 1 day a week. 


Our ideal candidate is a quick learner who has experience working in a fast-paced and labor intensive work environment. We work as a tight knit team and are looking for people who are ready to hustle with us! 

Experience is not required, but preference given to those with farming experience.


Come work with us and enjoy fresh veggies in beautiful Sequim!

Please send your resume, 2-3 professional references, and a letter of interest for your complete application. Please indicate which position(s) you are interested in. We look forward to hearing from you!

Educational Opportunities: Weekly meetings with the full farm provide employees to learn about all aspects of the farm in addition to their specialized duties. Multi-year commitment increases opportunities for employees to grow their knowledge in varied aspects of the farm.

Skills Desired: We strongly prefer candidates with 1+ seasons of outdoor, manual labor, or farm season experience.

Meals: No

Stipend: We offer competitive wages ($16.30-$20/hr) plus access to delicious organic vegetables. Additional pay DOE. Time-and-a-half overtime pay for hours over 40 per week. Employees who return for multiple seasons will receive an annual performance-based raise as well as an opportunity to increase and refine responsibilities matching their commitment to the farm.

Housing: Some on farm housing is available at subsided prices (ranging from $100-$600 depending on housing type) is available. We work will all employees to find suitable housing in the community.

Preferred method of Contact: Email