Third Way Farm

Contact information
Farm Address:
601 Robinhood Rd
Havre de Grace, Maryland, 21078

Primary Contact: Tommy Shireman
Secondary Contact: Michelle Shireman

Primary Phone:
    Number: 7176691351


Internship information
General Farm Description: Third Way Farm (TWF) is a 67 acre organic sustainable farm located in beautiful Havre de Grace, MD. We are a young farm (broke ground in 2015) practicing regenerative growing methods, no-till vegetable, herb, and fruit production, pastured eggs, woodland-raised pork, and grass-fed beef and lamb for a CSA, farmers’ markets, and local restaurants. At TWF, we are learning and growing into the practices of permaculture on a production scale. We intend to expand our production in the coming seasons to include fruit, nuts, a variety of other sustainable agriculture operations, and to expand and enhance our pasture and woodland-based livestock systems. Our growing season is year-round, as we grow leafy greens in our moveable high tunnel and other greenhouses, as well as some micro-greens under lights in the winter season. Beyond our passion for and commitment to developing a robust and sustainable local food system, TWF also engages in faith-based mentorship to teens and young adults, including a partnership with our local church’s youth group. We employ and mentor local teenagers and young adults from our neighborhood and church, and seek to offer a well-rounded opportunity for education, experience, community, and mentorship to our interns. Thus, growing together as whole people functions consubstantially here with growing wholesome food for a healthier and more just community. In our view, this is one of the most valuable gifts that sustainable agriculture has to offer—that by investing ourselves in the work of caring for the earth, we may reap harvests of wholeness, healing, and abundance that extend beyond the table and the ecosystem, in ourselves and our communities.

CRAFT Member Farm? No

Internship Starts: Rolling Start Date - March- April 2024
Internship Ends: Flexible end date - August 31, 2024 - January 31 2025
Number of Internship Available: 3
Application Deadline: Rolling application deadline - most positions to be filled by March 2023
Minimum Length of Stay: 4 months - *8-12 months preferred

Internship Details:

We are hiring for the 2024 season! Seeking interns to start ASAP!

A Meaningful Way of Life:
Being an intern at Third Way Farm is a well-rounded, full-bodied experience. Not only does this program deeply immerse a person into the daily rhythms of life on a diversified farm and in the care of its ecosystem, but it also invites participants into a community whose life carries purpose and meaning beyond the confines of the farm itself. Participating in this age-old and ever-critical human work of growing food and caring for the land will open you to pathways of life and wholeness within yourself and the world around you, enriching you in ways that will serve you on whatever journey that lies ahead. Changing the world, amidst the ever complexifying crises of climate change, economic injustice, food justice, and more, begins with remembering and living into who we truly are as humans: members and caretakers of this rich web of abundant, God-given life in Creation. If we learn together how to lovingly nurture the life all around us, growing wholesome food from the soil under our feet and with the animals that enrich it and us, we will not only bless ourselves, our families, and our local community with live-giving food, but will be contributing to the preservation of this world for generations to come. So, we invite you to come, learn, grow, and be transformed with us as an intern at Third Way Farm!

Whether you are considering sustainable agriculture as a vocation or way of life, or are interested in organic farming and just want to have an experience living it for a season, this internship program is for you!

The Dirt on the Internship:
What does the internship include?
• Farming! 50-55 hours per week of all things agriculture
• Housing – live in our eco-sustainable intern house!
• Food from the Farm – vegetables, herbs, eggs, pork
• Stipend – Minimum $800/month
• Farm Project Option – get funding and help to start your own farm project to create a product to sell or a system that improves the life of the farm; a great way to earn extra income and deepen your experience!

How long is it?
That depends. The farm needs interns year-round, and so we give preference to those willing to commit to at least 9-12 months. But, we also accept interns for shorter periods of 5-6 months, as well as strictly summer internships for 2-3 months.

What does it look like to be an intern?
At its heart, this is a sustainable farming internship program. The main aspects of work for interns will focus on our intensive organic vegetable, herb, and micro-greens production, and will also entail significant involvement in our rotational, pasture and woodland-based livestock systems. Interns will, throughout the season, partake in all tasks pertaining to the operation and life of this farm. A sampling of some major elements of this work include: sowing seeds, planting, harvesting, processing vegetables, bed/soil prep, livestock chores and pasture rotation, weeding, washing, deliveries and running farmers’ markets. By the end of the season, this internship will educate and equip you with all aspects of operating a diversified, regenerative farm. At the same time, it is our hope and goal for you to come away (or further into) this experience having “grown” holistically as a person.
A high level of responsibility, care and excellence is expected in all aspects and levels of work done here. We expect speed, efficiency, precision, awareness, and adaptability as key characteristics of our interns. At the same time, TWF seeks to cultivate an atmosphere of fellowship and fun in all we do, and we strive hard to make our work environment minimally stressful and maximally enjoyable. Team, faith, and community are essential values that undergird our daily experience at Third Way Farm.
Intern schedules will be set but flexible, typically entailing approximately 45 hours of work per week during our main season from April-October, and less during the winter season. Plenty of space for rest, fun, and self-care, however, is built into that work time. The work week will often include some work on Saturday mornings, and rarely, help with basic chores throughout the weekend. Extra-compensation will be offered for work beyond Monday-Friday and occasional Saturday mornings. 1 week vacation and sick/personal days are given when needed.

Educational Opportunities: Interns at TWF will be given a full-fledged immersion in the practices and skills of sustainable agriculture, particularly in those of intensive vegetable production and our pastured hen, pork, and sheep operations. By the end of the season, interns will be well-equipped and skilled in these practices, likely able to manage some or all aspects of these systems whether at TWF or another farm. Interns will also be given the opportunity to attend workshops or other educational tours and classes that might pertain to their interests in sustainable ag and especially the farm project they might choose to undertake @ TWF.

Skills Desired: Skills Required: • 1 full growing season of vegetable farm experience preferred, but not required. • Willingness to perform physical, demanding work on a daily basis. • Flexibility and adaptability to changing circumstances • Willingness to listen carefully and follow instructions when engaging new work. • Ability to self-direct and manage when the tasks demands it. • Compatibility with a variety of personalities and diversity of co-workers, balanced by a confidence to work alone. • Driver’s license Qualities Desired: • Positive attitude and determination to overcome adversity. • Open and mature communication: willing to share one’s thoughts/feelings and listen well to others. • Openness to working in a religious context. We are Christians committed to peace, social justice, and ecological regeneration; all applicants must be willing to work within these commitments, but need not share our Christian perspective. People of all faiths or no faith are welcome to apply. • Willingness to partake in the basic rhythms of intentional community, including weekly shared meals and occasional social gatherings, and optionally, bible studies or other faith-growing opportunities.

Meals: No. Interns are encouraged to take what they need from all that the farm produces, with minimal restrictions, except on meat. This includes vegetables, fruits, herbs, eggs, and monthly pork share. Communal meals with farm staff are encouraged and can be shared anywhere from once a week to as often as people are interested to cook and eat together. Off-farm food for these occasions will often be provided by the owners, but taking turns sharing this responsibility will also be necessary.

Stipend: Yes. Stipends for first year interns begin at $1000/month net. Taxes paid by employer.

Housing: Yes. Housing, utilities, and internet/wifi are all provided to interns free of charge. We have a beautiful, sustainably and ethically built intern house available for up to 4 interns/employees. Interns will have their own bedroom, and a shared kitchen, bathroom, and other living spaces. We also have a very nice RV/Camper with all the amenities including heat/AC, full kitchen and bath, hot water, 2 bedrooms, 4-season living capability. Privacy is always respected, but intentional community is encouraged between interns and the owners.

Preferred method of Contact: email