Ivy Creek Family Farm

Contact information
Farm Address:
34 Wild Aster Trail
Barnardsville, North Carolina, 28709

Primary Contact: Anna Littman
Primary Phone:
    Number: 828-713-8383
    Email: wncfarm@gmail.com

Website: https://ivycreekfamilyfarm.com/

Internship information
General Farm Description: Ivy Creek Family Farm grows vegetables and flowers using organic practices. Located in a beautiful setting 25 minutes from Asheville, we sell our produce at tailgate markets, to CSA members, at our farm stand, and to our local food pantry. We are a for-profit farm in operation since 2008.  We farm with a skilled team on seven acres. We utilize two Kubota tractors, a single bed disc harrow, a spader, a bed raiser, plastic mulch layer, and other tools to prepare our fields and beds. We also utilize ten high tunnels and caterpillar tunnels and in those structures we employ no-till methods. We strive for continuous improvement and efficiencies. We believe that small scale local farms need to be sustainable for the land, the farmers, and the community. Each year we try to improve on and implement simple technologies and new systems that make our jobs easier and our farming better for the land.

CRAFT Member Farm? Yes

Internship Starts: March - May
Internship Ends: End of October or beyond
Number of Internship Available: 2
Application Deadline: We hope to hire our team by March 1st, and also accept applications through the year.
Minimum Length of Stay: 3 months

Internship Details:

Ivy Creek Family Farm seeks assistant farmers and a wash shed manager to join our team in 2024. We have opportunities and compensation levels for dedicated folks at most any farming skill level, from advanced to beginner. Assistant farmers will plant, harvest, and care for dozens of varieties of vegetables and flowers, all carefully selected to fit the climate of Western North Carolina and our practices of organic farming. In addition, staff will participate in amendment laying, field preparation, plant propagation, planting, harvesting, irrigation, plant care, post-harvest produce handling, cultivation, and selling produce at markets and in our farm stand.  Highly skilled assistant farmers will have opportunities to take on leadership roles and advance to lead farmer positions. The wash shed manager will lead post-harvest handling and wash shed activities, participate in propagation house seeding, and support afternoon harvest and planting activities. Ivy Creek staff farms five full days a week, either Monday-Friday or Tuesday-Saturday. We teach through planned workshops, hands-on lessons, and by working with our crew.

Educational Opportunities: We work side-by-side and guide staff in mastering farming skills. We lead the crew in educational farm walks and provide farm workshops on subjects that interest individuals. Ivy Creek has developed planting plans, field plans, and a vegetable guide that staff learn from and use regularly. Staff also have the opportunity to attend monthly craft workshops organized by the Organic Grower's School.

Skills Desired: Assistant Farmers and Interns Desired Skills Include: Positive attitude, self-motivated, efficient, physically fit, keen interest in farming and agriculture, experience working quickly and physically outside Bonus skills include: advanced skills in harvesting, cultivating, market sales, planting, trellising, field clean up, and post-harvest produce handling. Wash Shed Manager: Desired Skills Include: Experience working physically for extended periods of time, knowledge of post-harvest best practices for vegetables or a desire to learn this information, advanced organizational skills, experience with managing materials and information, ability to work efficiently, steadily, and independently.

Meals: Lots of farm veggies!

Stipend: Assistant Farmers receive $1,200-$1,700 a month dependent on experience. Wash Shed Manager receives $1,300-$1,700 a month dependent on experience. We also have hourly positions that pay $15/hr for people who live off farm. The assistant farmer and the wash shed manager receive housing in private two bedroom home with kitchen, living room space and full bathroom. If staff do not want to live on farm, a small housing stipend is provided.

Housing: Yes. On farm housing is available in a two bedroom house with a kitchen and bathroom and one tiny house.

Preferred method of Contact: Email