Moon In The Pond Farm

Contact information
Farm Address:
816 Barnum St.
Sheffield, Massachusetts, 01257

Primary Contact: Dominic
Primary Phone:
    Number: 413-229-3092


Internship information
General Farm Description: Fall and winter are really exciting times of year to be at Moon In The Pond! Interns and Apprentices are a vital force on the farm. We look for passionate people who can learn quickly and work hard. We have opportunities for short-term internship, longer-term seasonal internships and a full-year apprenticeship. Our website has LOTS of info about the farm--check it out! Details about Internship, Apprenticeship and other opportunities are there under the "Education" drop-down menu--you'll also find detailed application instructions there. (Also check out our Facebook and Instagram feeds for insight into the farm.) Please apply as described on our website, letting us know your skills, and your experience will help us know how to make this a great experience for both us! Email your application directly to us - then give a call! 'Cause we're busy--outdoors, in the field--call, email, message, etc. until you get through, please. We encourage communities underrepresented in organic farming, including BIPOC and LGBTQQIAA+, to apply. This is a really diverse farm, with different things going on all the time. Expect to muck, mulch, mow, herd, hay, harvest, hoe, water, weed, weed, seed, feed, fence, fix, forage, clean, weed, plant, transplant, tidy, weed, clean, scrub, pick, stake, rake, wash, weed, build, record, sweep, swear, study, organize, observe, report, clean, cry, compost, cook, swear, laugh, laugh and laugh. We are always working on special projects! (And it's our philosophy that all projects are special.) You'll be challenged--for sure! It's a life--not a job. Hours and days vary necessarily. We work hard at a steady pace, outdoors, in the sun/rain, cold/heat, beautiful Berkshire weather. Interns need to be prepared for the very physical, outdoor labor that farm work generally includes, while being willing to participate in whatever chore the farm day presents. Length of stay/participation vary according to the time you have to offer (also subject to our need and space available on the farm). Interns may participate ‘full-time’ for a month or two (or more); local 'Interns' may set up a schedule for a certain number of hours spread over a longer period (e.g.: 8 hrs./week through the season). This is a real, working farm. It's a great place to come if you love to jump into working like you live here. Farm life is taking care of the animals, the farm, the house and home , and ourselves. It's early to bed ("10 p.m., Farmer Bedtime!"), and early to rise, and productive fun in between. It's not a Disney adventure, or spectator's sport, or a 'job'--it's farm life! If you want be treated as a guest, read a fat novel, or lounge around, this is NOT the farm for you. If you can see yourself harvesting peas before the sun hits them, hoeing potatoes in the sun, weeding beans all afternoon then enjoying a beer and exchanging stories while shucking corn and chopping veg for dinner you'll learn a lot and love your experience at Moon In The Pond! (In the winter months we're tending to our animals (watering and providing hay), and doing many ""value-added"" projects: curing meat packaging herbs, bottling hot sauce, etc. we're also splitting wood, clearing snow, burning brush and researching. Plus we have indoor farmers' markets all through the winter--we're BUSY!!) Most people are amazed at how much they do and how much they learn in a short time (see description of work and application procedure on our webpage). We go to bed exhausted, happy and feeling like we accomplished a lot in a day.

CRAFT Member Farm? No

Internship Starts: immediate/rolling start times
Internship Ends: varies
Number of Internship Available: 2-3
Application Deadline: no deadline
Minimum Length of Stay: varies

Internship Details:

This is a very active and diverse farm, so there are projects happening of many different types at all times of year. In the summer we are weeding, harvesting and tending to animals in the fields; we’re processing our harvest, taking it to market and filling orders for farm pick up. Most of these activities flow right through the late summer and fall. We are moving chickens on pasture, watering cattle, geese and gardens!
In the winter we will be, of course, dealing with the snow and ice as it appears!–we keep lots of paths on the farm clear, creating sculpture every time it snows. Winter activities include seed saving and cleaning, curing and smoking meat, drying mushrooms and fruit, seeding and maintaining the greenhouse, loading and unloading to and from winter farmers’ market, feeding hay and watering cattle, cutting and splitting wood, etc., etc.

Educational Opportunities: Yes. See our website.

Skills Desired: general work experience, specific applicable skills are helpful

Meals: yes.

Stipend: varies depending on length of commitment -- see website for details

Housing: yes.

Preferred method of Contact: