Moon In The Pond Farm

Contact information
Farm Address:
816 Barnum St.
Sheffield, Massachusetts, 01257

Primary Contact: Dominic
Primary Phone:
    Number: 413-446-3320


Internship information
General Farm Description: RIGHT NOW we're looking for SEASONAL INTERNS, Summer 23 for IMMEDIATE START. Applications for FULL-YEAR APPRENTICESHIPS for 2024 can be submitted in July. See description below for Full Year Apprenticeship. Moon In The Pond Farm offers three types of farm positions: 1.) New Farmer Full-Year Apprentice (NFFY), 2.) Seasonal Intern (SI), and 3.) Short-Term Volunteer/WWOOFer (STV). For NFFYs we begin accepting applications in July for the following year. We accept SI and STV applications throughout the year. Now accepting applications to begin immediately! (Details below.) WE ARE SEEKING SEASONAL INTERNS/APPRENTICES TO START NOW--Summer 2023. Check out our webpage for complete details and application process, but call/email now! We encourage members of communities underrepresented in organic farming, including BIPOC and LGBTQIAA+, to apply. Established in 1991, Moon In The Pond is a small, diverse, sustainable, permaculture farm where the relationship of people to nature is constantly explored in a myriad of ways that include animals, crops, self-sufficiency, sustainability, conservation of heirloom vegetable varieties and seeds, conservation of historic livestock and traditional and modern farming techniques; all while working at filling the needs of today's culture and society. We raise heritage breed animals for meat (nearly ten thousand pounds annually) and heirloom vegetables, eggs, honey, fruit and more which we sell locally directly to families, (partly through our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program,) at the farm and at three local farmers' markets. Moon in The Pond is unique in our commitment to a huge wide range of educational opportunities focused on providing as many chances as possible to share the experiences and passions of a real, functioning, productive farm. The farm includes: 2 acre vegetable Market Garden, 35+/- acres pasture and hay, 8 Scottish Highland cattle (beef), 3 Large Black (Cornwall) pigs (and as many as 30 piglets raised for pork), 40 New Hampshire laying hens, and 100-200+ meat birds, 12 American Buff geese (meat and eggs), and Winecap and Shiitake mushroom production and more--lots more! This is a real, working farm. It’s a great place to come if you love to jump into working like you live here. Farm life is: taking care of animals, plants, the farm, the house and home, and ourselves. It’s early to bed (“10 p.m., Farmer Bedtime!”), and early to rise (6:30), and productive fun in between. It’s not a Disney adventure; it's not a spectator’s sport; it's not a "job"–-it’s farm life! If you can see yourself harvesting peas before the sun hits them, hoeing potatoes in the sun, weeding beans all afternoon then enjoying a beer and exchanging stories while shucking corn and chopping veg for dinner you’ll learn a lot and love your experience at Moon In The Pond! Most people are amazed at how much they get done in a day, and how much they learn in a short time. We go to bed exhausted, happy and feeling like we accomplished a lot in a day. (In the winter months we’re tending to our animals (watering and providing hay), and doing many “value-added” projects: curing meat packaging herbs, seed saving/cleaning, bottling hot sauce, etc. we’re also splitting wood, clearing snow, burning brush and researching. Plus we have indoor farmers’ markets all through the winter–we’re BUSY!!) At this writing/update (5/2023) Covid is not a huge concern. All the same, all applicants MUST be fully vaccinated. We interact with a lot of vulnerable communities. Other details to be discussed. This is subject to change.

CRAFT Member Farm? No

Internship Starts: rolling--depends on availability and position
Internship Ends: depends on applicant's availability and what position they are seeking
Number of Internship Available: 3
Application Deadline: no deadline
Minimum Length of Stay: New Farmer Full-Year--12 months. Seasonal Intern--3-6 months. Short Term/WWOOFers--1-3 months

Internship Details:

See our website. for detailed information.

Spring, Summer and Fall are really exciting times of year to be on the farm!

All our team members including WWOOFers and Short Term Volunteers are a vital force on the farm. We look for passionate people who want to learn, take instruction well and work hard.  We also have opportunities for full-year apprenticeship. Full-year Apprenticeship is for people who have farm experience and are ready to take the reins as student farmers (with guidance and oversight!) of a very diverse farm.

(See Apprentice and Intern listings on our webpage about how to apply)

If you’re looking for a short stay, get in touch (email or call) for sure!





‘Cause we’re busy–outdoors, in the field–call and text (413-446-3320) and email (dom[at] , etc. until you get through, please.

1.) Go to our website — Check info there.

2.) Please email your application directly to us.

3.) Then give a call.


If you’re looking for a longer term: Full-Year Apprenticeship, a much more involved experience–YOU FOUND IT! Read on!




(to apply see Apprentice listings on our webpage)


This is a really diverse farm, with wide range of different things going on all the time. Expect to muck, mulch, mow, herd, hay, harvest, hoe, water, weed, weed, seed, feed, fence, fix, forage, clean, weed, plant, transplant, tidy, weed, clean, scrub, pick, stake, rake, wash, weed, build, record, sweep, swear, study, organize, observe, report, clean, cry, compost, cook, swear, laugh, laugh and laugh.

We are always working on special projects! (And it’s our philosophy that all projects are special.)

You’ll be challenged–for sure! It’s a life–not a job. A least 55+ hours/week, with hours and days varying necessarily. We work hard at a steady pace, outdoors, in the sun/rain, cold/heat, beautiful Berkshire weather. WWOOFers need to be prepared for the very physical, outdoor labor that farm work generally includes, while being willing to participate in whatever chore the farm day presents. See Apprentice and Intern listings on our webpage. Also check out our Facebook and Instagram feeds for insight into the farm.

Length of stay/participation will be negotiated according to the time you have to offer (also subject to our need and space available on the farm). WWOOFers may participate ‘full-time’ for a week or two (or more) , local ‘WWOOFers’ may set up a schedule for a certain number of hours spread over a longer period (e.g.: 8 hrs./week through the season).

Email (“Short Term Volunteer” in the subject line) your requests with dates, specifics and your personal information. Please include abbreviated versions of the application requirements for Seasonal Interns on our website. Please complete a WWOOF profile! Your skills, and what you have experience with is information that will help us know how to make this a great WWOOF experience for both us!

(see Apprentice and Intern listings on our webpage)

Educational Opportunities: New Farmer Full-Year Apprenticeship provides a full, deep understanding of varied, modern homestead-like farming and community building. Running the full years cycle from planning to implementation, from harvest back to planning, this is a very intensive, in-depth, comprehensive program that results in a solid working knowledge of the many facets of a real farm: food production, CSA, community, marketing, organic techniques and farm life, science, philosophy, etc. An apprentice at MITP is required to learn and practice a broad range of skills and take responsibility for farm tasks. See our website for more details and how to apply. Seasonal Internship and Short-Term Volunteer/WWOOFers work side-by-side with Full-Year Apprentices. Interns learn how to communicate effectively with each other, customers, and groups. Interns hone their skills and broaden their awareness and knowledge of working on a small, but highly intensive sustainable farm.

Skills Desired: NFFY Applicants: One full season (3 month growing season) of farm work required in addition to the details listed below. SI and WWOOFer Applicants-- Preferred qualifications: -outdoor work experience -experience in a job/position that included fast pace, dynamic thinking, people skills (line cook, catering, landscaping crew, bicycle messenger, hiking trail work, barista, food truck, mover, fisherman...) -must be physically fit (able to lift at least 1/3 your weight, climb, bend, run, walk quickly - any combination of these -- ALL DAY!) -driver's license -ability/willingness to cook AND clean -familiarity with the zen of "mis en place" in all work -accept odd/flex times/weekdays off--NOT Friday or Saturday nor holiday weekends -accept critique, be grateful, correct and bounce back These positions are ON-FARM--and INCLUDE ROOM AND BOARD -- Details below. If you live locally, day or non-live-in positions are available.

Meals: NFFYs, SIs and WWOOFers prepare, cook, and eat meals together in the farmhouse kitchen. Apprentices and interns share the bounty of the farm and all food is provided. Meals are an integral and rich aspect of the learning/growing experience--the awareness, appreciation, preparation of what we produce, and sharing that to nourish each other is the ultimate metaphor for our work and philosophy. Honoring and valuing the food we grow is an absolutely essential aspect of the Moon In The Pond Farm experience. Meals are all organic and from our farm and other local farms whenever available: veggies, meat, eggs, milk, yogurt, honey, fruit, etc.

Stipend: The compensation package for a Full-Year Apprentice includes room, board, instruction and a stipend of $600/month. It is necessary that applicants assess their financial status and ability to commit. For Seasonal Interns signing on for longer than 3 months, an intern stipend of $300/month is paid in addition to room, board and instruction. Short Term Volunteers/WWOOFers do not receive a stipend.

Housing: Indoor housing in farmhouse is available for New Farmer Full-Year Apprentices. New Farmer Full-Year Apprentices stay in their own rooms in the 1810 farm house. They have free access to and use of domestic facilities (kitchen, bathroom, shower, clothes washer, etc.) As part of the homestead household and in keeping with the full experience of farm life, apprentices and interns share in the upkeep and housework of daily home maintenance. Accommodation on-farm for Seasonal Interns is provided (as space is available). Interns can/may live off-farm. If no space is available we will provide assistance in finding local accommodations. Other arrangements are subject to discussion.

Preferred method of Contact: Email and Phone