Urban Farm & Food Coordinator

Contact information
Farm Address:
233 Warren Ave
Brockton, Massachusetts, 02301

Primary Contact: Max Fontes
Secondary Contact: Lauren Utschig

Primary Phone:
    Number: (508) 584-5209
    Email: mfontes@bgcmetrosouth.org

Secondary Phone
    Number: (508) 824-3311
    Email: lutschig@bgcmetrosouth.org

    Email: lutschig@bgcmetrosouth.org

Website: https://www.bgcmetrosouth.org/

Internship information
General Farm Description: The mission of the Commonwealth Corps service internship program is to engage Massachusetts residents of all ages, backgrounds, and identities in direct service to strengthen communities, address critical needs, and increase volunteerism. Through hands-on experience, Commonwealth Corps members gain professional skills and valuable knowledge while positively impacting diverse communities in our state. The Massachusetts Service Alliance (MSA) is a private, nonprofit agency that oversees the program and supports host site partners and members to find success throughout the program year. The 1 Commonwealth Corps member with Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro South will serve 10 months in a full-time capacity. They will join a diverse corps of members across Massachusetts who share a common desire to discover their passion and build their network in service to their communities and the Commonwealth. Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro South (BGCMS) is a youth-serving organization focused on supporting the Academic Success, Healthy Lifestyles, and Character & Leadership Development of youth ages 5-18 across Southeastern Massachusetts. The Commonwealth Corps Urban Farm & Food Access Coordinator will serve as an essential member of the BGCMS team, contributing to the expanded capacity of our Clubs to serve healthy daily meals to our youth and provide fresh, locally grown produce to children and families throughout Southeastern, MA. Through their service, Corps members will provide direct nutritional and educational support to youth and families in our service area, create and implement processes to increase the sustainability and efficiency of the Freight Farms program, develop relationships with key community partners, and evaluate the effectiveness and impact of the new program to identify areas of improvement.

CRAFT Member Farm? No

Internship Starts: 8/21/2023
Internship Ends: 6/22/2024
Number of Internship Available: 1
Application Deadline: 8/1/2023
Minimum Length of Stay: 10 months

Internship Details:

What You’ll Do:

Essential Responsibilities:
·       Complete a minimum of 1,500 hours of service, serving through June 22, 2024.
·       Attend a minimum of 6 Commonwealth Corps trainings and service events held by MSA post orientation.
·       Participate in a minimum of 1 hour (full-time members) of MSA-related activities each week. This include filling out timesheets, completing a bi-monthly reflection or check-in, or other MSA-related tasks or activities.
·       Manage existing inventory system to track the produce outputs of the Freight Farm and manage the types and amounts of produce that are available for the Kids Café program and the community distribution program, with the support of the Urban Farm Director.
·       Implement and coordinate the “Mobile Market” food truck distribution initiative (including determining dates/locations) to distribute Freight Farm produce throughout the regional community on a regular basis.
·       Recruit at least 10 community volunteers from different sources to support the operations, outputs, and educational components of the Freight Farms.
·       Coordinate with the Nutrition Director and her staff to allocate the appropriate types and amounts of produce for the Kids Café meals program. Work with the Nutrition team to evaluate current menus and develop youth-centered listening sessions and focus centered around exciting, diverse culinary experiences.
·       Organize and implement the monthly Brockton Clubhouse food pantry in conjunction with the Teen Department staff and Keystone Club Members. Pantry responsibilities may include support of partner organization efforts on occasional weekends.
·       Support the Program Directors and others on the Program Team in lesson implementation at the facility, including coordinating time for field trips, giving demonstrations to students, and serving as a knowledgeable resource for youth visiting the facility.
Marginal Responsibilities:
·       Participate in all BGCMS Club meetings and events alongside full-time Clubhouse team
·       Attend Clubhouse monthly meetings and leadership events, and participate in BGCMS organizational-wide events and meetings
·       Maintain and expand existing relationships with local partners as sources of collaboration.
·       Identify new local partners and building collaborative relationships throughout our service region.
§ Be a part of the greater Commonwealth Corps community, including participating in cross-site learning groups, writing a short profile for the CC newsletter, connecting with other members on our online platforms, and attending optional social/service events.

Who You Are:

You must be:
·       A Massachusetts resident (see guidelines here) with legal authorization to work in the U.S.
·       18 years of age at minimum (member age range is 18 – 70+ years old)
·       Excited to give back to your community and interested in developing your skills and gaining new professional experiences
·       Able to balance service internship commitments with personal commitments in a sustainable way
·       Proficient with technology, including Microsoft suite and Google.
·       Understanding and appreciative of the mission, vision, and values of BGCMS.
·       A strong communicator, including the ability to present in front of large groups, interact with and motivate volunteers, and represent the organization at community events.
·       able to relate effectively to diverse groups of people and be comfortable in a highly collaboratively, fast-paced team environment.
·       Able to travel between all BGCMS Clubhouse/site locations.
It would also be great if you:
·       Speak a language other than English — multi-lingual candidates encouraged to apply
·       Have experience with gardening (traditional or hydroponic) or general agriculture.
·       Have experience working or volunteering with youth or in an educational setting.
What You’ll Get:
·       Stipend of $1,100 semi-monthly while in service, up to $23,100 (full-time) minus taxes and withholdings; [ACTUAL AMOUNT TO BE FINALIZED BY MSA UPON AWARD]
·       Health insurance (individual coverage only);
·       Member assistance program, including unlimited, confidential, 24/7, phone counseling services and up to three free, in-person counseling sessions, plus a lot more;
·       Completion award of up to $4000 upon successful completion of service, minus taxes and withholdings;
·       Reimbursement for outside training or professional development opportunities relevant to member’s service and/or goals (Up to $100; Dependent on approval from MSA)
·       Access to apply for Tuition Reimbursement and BGCMS Scholarship Funds
·       Professional development opportunities related to youth development, financial literacy and supervising others
·       Extensive training from MSA with a diversity, equity and inclusion focus and other professional development opportunities;
·       Limited reimbursement for travel to Corps-wide MSA-sponsored activities;
·       Internet reimbursement up to $50/month while required to complete some service from home if required by site;
·       Limited travel reimbursement from their host site for certain service-related travel away from their usual service location, according to that agency’s policies;
·       Mental Health/Personal Day once per month counting towards 8hrs (full-time)
·       The opportunity for at least 10 (full-time days of planned absences (may include holidays, does not count towards hours requirement);
Please note that receipt of these stipends/benefits may impact an individual’s eligibility for certain public benefits.

Term of Service:

·       Position Start Date: August 21, 2023 [ACTUAL DATE TO BE FINALIZED BY MSA UPON AWARD]
·       Position End Date: June 22, 2024
·       Service commitment 40 (full-time) hours per week during the following days/times
·       Monday-Friday 12pm-8pm with occasional night and/or weekend events, not to exceed two per month

Educational Opportunities: No

Skills Desired: - Excited to give back to your community and interested in developing your skills and gaining new professional experiences - Able to balance service internship commitments with personal commitments in a sustainable way - Proficient with technology, including Microsoft suite and Google - A strong communicator, including the ability to present in front of large groups, interact with and motivate volunteers, and represent the organization at community events.

Meals: No

Stipend: Yes

Housing: No

Preferred method of Contact: Email