NMF Organic Veg. Apprentice

Contact information
Farm Address:
22263 Anderson Hollow Rd
Hustontown, Pennsylvania, 17229

Primary Contact: Jennifer Glenister
Primary Phone:
    Number: 814-448-3904
    Email: jobs@newmorningfarm.net

Website: https://www.newmorningfarm.net

Internship information
General Farm Description: New Morning Farm was founded in the mountains of south central Pennsylvania in 1972. The farmers and apprentices have been creating and refining our crops and systems of growing and marketing for 50 years. We attend four farmer’s markets a week, grow around 25 acres of organic vegetables, and manage a flock of 400 laying hens with about 15 farm employees. Our production goal is to grow a variety of high quality organic produce, reliably week after week, in sufficient quantity to meet the demand at our retail and wholesale markets. Our systems are now well established, though always undergoing improvement. Production practices that allow us to succeed reliably include cover crops, season extension, succession plantings, and more, all built on a foundation of soil health.

CRAFT Member Farm? No

Internship Starts: 2024 growing season with opportunities to start immediately
Internship Ends: Thanksgiving 2024 with opportunity for ongoing apprenticeship with year round work
Number of Internship Available: 3
Application Deadline: Please see our website for full application instructions. www.newmorningfarm.net/employment
Minimum Length of Stay: 8 months, Please let me know if you're interested in a shorter stay and we can tailor work, responsibility, and compensation

Internship Details:

The farm is tucked in a hollow in the mountains of South Central Pennsylvania. We enjoy a beautiful remote, rural setting for growing produce, while staying connected to the city through our markets. This location limits apprentices ability to participate in off farm social activities and life during the height of the growing season(June-September). We prioritize creating a community and providing society for each other with weekly potlucks, a trip to the lake, and other group activities based on interests. We love good food, and center many of our gatherings around potluck style feasts. We all live and work together, you co-workers will also be your housemates.

Our apprentices spend considerable time on jobs such as planting, transplanting, pest and weed control, harvesting, packing, and selling our produce at our farmers markets in Washington, D.C. However, their primary role is management of crops, equipment and marketing. Each spring we sit down as a group to divide up the tasks and crops. Every apprentice manages from one to six of our 40+ crops, and becomes responsible for monitoring the crop’s progress in the field, and the harvesting, storage, and marketing of the crop. Each apprentice also takes on other aspects of managing the farm, such as a managing the layer flock, running a weekly market and/or monitoring irrigation. We believe in learning by doing, but there are built-in systems and mentors to help apprentice, crop, market, and farm be successful. Besides on-the-job training, we take time for discussions and seminars on topics of interest to apprentices. Our crew normally makes several visits to other nearby farms for learning purposes.

We expect apprentices to learn our systems while consistently practicing communication(this is important work too), keeping a good pace, and exercising time management for yourself and others. We will train apprentices for their crop and job responsibilities, and we strive to have apprentices take ownership of their crops and jobs with guidance and support.

We are looking for people who are organized, curious, personable, fun, and very motivated. Apprentices should expect to regularly work hard in all weather, some heavy lifting(this is best done with the team!), repetitive grasping, standing, bending, and lots of walking. Although we keep the work varied, farming and making a living is currently challenging physically, mentally, and emotionally. Ideal candidates are committed to engaging with and experiencing vegetable farming from soil to market.

Educational Opportunities: We believe in learning by doing, but there are built-in systems and mentors to help everyone and the farm find success. Besides on-the-job training, we take time for discussions and seminars on topics of interest to apprentices. Our crew normally makes several visits to other nearby farms for learning purposes.

Skills Desired: For a full apprenticeship, we require a 6 month commitment and strongly encourage long-term involvement with a year-round stay or a 1-3 month winter break, apprentices to live rent- and utilities-free in our on-farm housing, Apprentices to follow and support all the safety rules of the farm, a Valid Driver’s License Preferred Qualifications: A prior season of vegetable farm experience is highly preferred, but not a requirement. Successful candidates may have experience with some type of outdoor labor and/or a strong athletic background. We've had great experiences with all sorts of folks with wide range of skills and experience.

Meals: No, but fresh produce and all groceries are included

Stipend: Compensation: $1100/mo. minimum salary (experienced folks start higher) plus Full Room and Board(value roughly $1,000/month), we enjoy fantastic local foods from veggies to tree fruits like peaches, and even organic pastured meats for our carnivores.

Housing: We provide all-inclusive room and board, which includes rent and utility free housing (except for wifi internet service) in private bedrooms and shared living spaces in one of three nearby houses we rent or own, or in one of three private, one-person cabins with shared cooking and bathroom facilities, plus groceries and all the fresh local produce you can eat

Preferred method of Contact: email