Pyramid Farms

Contact information
Farm Address:
12242 Meridian Rd
Chico, California, 95973

Primary Contact: Matthew Martin
Primary Phone:
    Number: (530) 592-5227



Internship information
General Farm Description: "Pyramid Farms is an 11 acre certified organic farm located just 5 miles from downtown Chico, CA. We grow a wide variety of vegetables and flowers for sales at Farmers Markets, Local/Regional wholesale, and Restaurants. We operate year round. Matthew has been a full time Farmer for 27 years and part time farmer for more than 30. All positions are paid legal employment. Wage is $16.00/hr, we have workers compensation, and unemployment insurance. If you are interested in taking part in the operation of a successful small farm this could be the place!!! We offer experiential learning in all aspects of Farm operations. We expect our crew to be professional, work hard, and be dedicated to the farm. There are 5 fully equipped travel trailers that have heating/cooling, fully equipped kitchens for your own comfortable private living space, also an shower/bathroom building with on demand hot water and an outdoor kitchen, besides the ones in the trailers. We are Certified Organic, and produce high quality mixed vegetables and flowers for sales at farmers market's, and local/regional wholesale to stores and restaurants. We also have goat's that we milk and make cheese with. And we have a flock of laying chickens which are fed a whole grain soy/corn free diet. We are currently taking applications for 1position that start Feb 15 2024 and runs to Feb 15 2025 with the possibility of extending employment longer.

CRAFT Member Farm? No

Internship Starts: Feb 15 2024
Internship Ends: Feb 15 2025
Number of Internship Available: 2
Application Deadline: NONE
Minimum Length of Stay: 1 year

Internship Details:

We offer full time employment, at 16/hr and includes free housing, for 2024 we are hiring 1 full time farm crew, starting Feb 15  (We have 5 crew total).

You will be immersed in the daily and seasonal flow of a successful  certified organic farm operation that has been in operation for 26 years.
The positions are for full-time employment and is paid at $16/hr. On farm housing is free. We also offer bonuses and pay for unused sick leave. Our wage, performance bonuses, and free housing brings your compensation to a value of over $19.00/hr which is above the living wage in our county. We operate year round with an average over the year of a 40/hr week. Winter weekly hours average 30/week which gives the crew a buffer for those stormy days, and in at our peak summer season this last year the crew was topping out at about 55/week. Our start time varies from 9am in the winter to 7am in the summer. One of the veggie crew will be selected to assist the farm manager with irrigation and tractor duties.

Educational Opportunities: "The world is your doorstep, open the door and see what you can learn. We operate an efficient and profitable farm providing many learning opportunities from crop selection to marketing strategies. We run a very professional operation and expect our employees to work as a team to do their part keeping it so. We meet occasionally depending on the season and cover topics the crew wants to learn about determined by them. We also operate a small goat milk herd share program.

Skills Desired: Being dedicated, hard working, responsible, trustworthy, team member and maintaining a positive attitude are all key skills and attributes. Oh yeah so is being in excellent physical condition." farm experience preferred.

Meals: Employees will cook their own meals. Veggies from the farm are abundant and free, (along with eggs and goat milk when we have them) trading with other vendors at farmers market is also a benefit.

Stipend: $16.00/hour and Free on farm housing including power. We also offer bonuses and pay for your unused sick leave, bringing your hourly compensation to over $19.00/hr, which is above the living wage in our area."

Housing: "There are 5 individual private travel trailers for comfortable housing with all the amenities ( kitchen, bathroom, heating and cooling) also there is a shower/bathroom building with on demand hot water and an outdoor kitchen. There are also nice outdoor shaded areas with chairs and tables and a fire pit for enjoying your time off."

Preferred method of Contact: email