Unbound Glory Farm

Contact information
Farm Address:
294 Hampton Rd.
Pomfret Center, Connecticut, 06259

Primary Contact: Courtney Squire
Secondary Contact: Adam Squire

Primary Phone:
    Number: 860-420-9167
    Email: cmsquire294@gmail.com

Website: http://www.unboundgloryfarm.com

Website: https://www.instagram.com/farmunboundglory/

Internship information
General Farm Description: Unbound Glory Farm is a Regenerative vegetable and flower farm located in northeast CT. In addition to selling produce and flowers, Unbound Glory also operates a farm-to-table food truck and wood-burning pizza wagon on the weekends that utilizes many of the great ingredients grown on the farm. The farm practices no-till, no-spray, cover-cropping, and the use of pollinator plantings that work with Nature to produce healthy food in a thriving ecosystem. Surrounded by several state parks and only a short drive to the beach, the farm is conveniently located close to Boston and Providence, offering a variety of things to do on your days off.

CRAFT Member Farm? No

Internship Starts: May or June (interns); April (apprentice)
Internship Ends: August or September (interns); October/November (apprentice)
Number of Internship Available: 2x Interns and 1x Apprentice
Application Deadline: applications are reviewed on a rolling basis
Minimum Length of Stay: 2-4 months (intern) and 6-7 months (apprentice); all timeframes are negotiable

Internship Details:

Assist with all aspects of growing, harvesting, and selling fresh vegetables and cut flowers as well as learn about our farm-to-table food truck and wood-fired pizza business.
• Learn all aspects of operations: seeding, planting, weeding & cultivation, pruning, mulching, harvesting, processing, flower arranging, high tunnel growing, and marketing and distribution for our produce and cut flowers through our CSA and farmer’s markets.
• Learn about the benefits and processes for no-till, cover crop management, use of carbonaceous and living mulches, foliar-feeding, maintenance of beneficial insect habitat, hügelkultur permaculture technique, building healthy soils, and other Regenerative practices.
• Participate in our farm-to-table food business with our food truck and wood-burning pizza wagon. Eat a lot of pizza!
• We are looking for 1-2 interns to join us for the main part of the growing season in spring/summer, and 1 apprentice who will join us from April-October/November to get a more in-depth experience in preparation for a future in farming.

Educational Opportunities: Learn about: • Growing your own food within the context of extreme weather and rapidly progressing climate change. • Regenerative agriculture practices, food-safety and regulatory compliance, processing and handling of produce and cut flowers, high-tunnel growing, flower-arranging, year-round vegetable production, water conservation and management, and more. • Operating a farm-to-table food business. • Apprenticeship is a much deeper dive into our farming practices, encompassing spring planting and field prep, through summer and fall harvests, and winter high tunnel prep and planting. Apprenticeship is geared towards those who want a more in-depth learning experience to prepare for a future in farming.

Skills Desired: A sincere interest in farming and ecological systems, good communication skills, ability to do hard physical labor outdoors in different weather conditions. We value those who enjoy working together as a team, as well as those able to work and complete tasks on their own. We also value having a positive attitude and having fun on the job!

Meals: Occasional shared meals, plus all the vegetables you can eat! Fully outfitted kitchen for your cooking pleasure. Stipend to cover costs of food. Also, be prepared to enjoy a lot of wood-fired pizza!

Stipend: Yes, plus housing, occasional shared meals, and free vegetables.

Housing: Fully furnished and private rooms available in our 1700’s farmhouse. The house is spacious and well-kept, with a large kitchen and shared spaces including a great front porch with gorgeous views of the surrounding rural landscape. Having a car is recommended. Located 1-2 miles from 2 different state parks. Beautiful view, scenery, and location!

Preferred method of Contact: email