World Hunger Relief Farm

Contact information
Farm Address:
356 Spring Lake Road
Waco, Texas, 76705

Primary Contact: Sky Toney
Primary Phone:
    Number: (254) 799-5611


Internship information
General Farm Description: World Hunger Relief Institute is a Christian organization committed to alleviate hunger through education, research, and sustainable agriculture. We are located on 40 acres near Waco, Texas. We envision a robust, resilient, and regenerative food system that prioritizes local agricultural production, equitable access to healthy food, and ecological sustainability.

CRAFT Member Farm? No

Internship Starts: 04/01/2023
Internship Ends: 11/30/2023
Number of Internship Available: 6
Application Deadline: February 13th
Minimum Length of Stay: Full Internship April-November (interns do get paid vacation and sick time during the internship)

Internship Details:

The internship at the World Hunger Relief Institute (WHRI) is at the heart of our organizations work and impact. Interns work in one of our three main enterprises: Market Gardens, Livestock, and Education. The combination of community living and working, sharing common meals and common prayer, and learning together during weekly classes create an environment ripe for growth and transformation. This program allows room for individuals to gain hands-on experience on our active 40-acre farm, develop spiritually and professionally, and engage some of the pressing issues of our age surrounding the production and distribution of food. This is a great opportunity for those interested in farm experience, in learning more about issues related to food, and in developing a more holistic way of seeing and relating to the created world. We also know that many interns have a strong desire to contribute to the work WHRI conducts in Waco through our food production and educational programs.

Interns will work on the farm as a team member in one of our three main enterprises: Market Gardens, Livestock, Education:

Market Garden interns will receive on-the-job training in the various tasks and skills related to our 1.5 acre high-density vegetable production. Excellent for those interested in gaining experience in small-scale, diversified vegetable production. We grow vegetables for a local C.S.A., as well as the Waco Downtown Farmer’s Market. The majority of our production is for the Produce Prescription Program and Farmer’s Market which you can read more about on our website. MG interns are supervised by our Market Garden and Retail Manager.

Livestock interns assist our Livestock Manager with all aspects of raising animals on the farm. We currently raise pasture-raised cattle, pigs, goats, meat chickens, and egg-laying hens. We also tend several hives of bees, have meat rabbits in our demonstration gardens, and care for several guard-donkeys. Hands-on experience is gained related to daily chores , as well as any special events that occur, such as births, pasture management, breeding, medical care, etc. We sell our meat at the Waco Downtown Farmer’s Market.

Education interns support WHRI’s education and community outreach programs under the supervision of the Education Director. Interns are developed as educators, and may assist with school field trip tours, community gardening classes, local education programs or events, on-farm residential Service Learning Program groups, volunteer facilitation, Farm tours, and other miscellaneous events.

Interns will attend weekly classes facilitated by WHRI staff covering topics such as: Introduction to market gardening, introduction to food justice, readings from contemporary agrarian authors, developing a holistic spirituality, etc. Course offerings will be dependent upon staff/guest teacher’s availability and intern’s interest, and cover a variety of topics intended to increase knowledge, expand experience, and provide exposure to new topics and perspectives.

Interns will experience life together in a close knit community. And while we are rooted in Christianity we are open to people of all faiths and perspectives. World Hunger Relief appreciates the deeply formative experience of living life in close harmony with others – even those we may not share many similarities with. Throughout their time on the farm interns live, work, and eat alongside one another and the farm staff. Through shared dormitory living, community lunches through the week, and times of common study and prayer, interns have a chance to make deep friendships and grow personally within this rich relational environment.

Interns are expected to work 40 hours per week at the farm, sometimes more depending upon the season, as well as rotating weekend duties. Hours are spent primarily within each intern’s enterprise, but some may also fall outside that area. Hours are also allocated to dedicated classroom learning. In return, interns receive: Housing on the farm, weekly community meal, access to farm produce, and a fully stocked kitchen, monthly stipend, weekly classroom instruction

Educational Opportunities: Yes, both hands-on learning and classroom time are integrated into the internship.

Skills Desired: No experience necessary. Interns must have the ability to work in a team with people from a variety of backgrounds with different beliefs. A desire to learn and receive feedback. Perseverance, a positive attitude, and a strong work ethic.

Meals: Yes, interns participate in weekly community meals, have access to all "farm-use" meat and produce and receive a discount on other farm products.

Stipend: Yes

Housing: Yes, furnished housing is provided with all bills paid.

Preferred method of Contact: Please apply on the website