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Consider this!Take care! There are some very important things to consider before listing or accepting a farm internship.

Internship & Apprenticeship Details

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full fat farm
Off the Grid Homestead
New York State Forest
Ithaca, NY

Contact: Valerie Hahn, James Dulle


Last Updated: 02-19-2013

General Description: Full Fat Farm is a 26 acre, off-grid, integrated systems homstead working toward sustainability and food and energy self-sufficiency. We are not a commercial farm operation, rather we offer interns and apprentices the opportunity to learn first hand what it means to be an off the grid family homestead: growing food, raising animals, using solar and wood energy, improving the soil and forests, becoming less dependent on resource-depleting technologies, etc. We have a cow, goats, hogs, chickens, a dog and cat, 5 acres of pasture and 1/2 acre in vegetable production, 20+ acres of forest, fruit trees, ponds, creeks, spring water; a rustic, passive solar (stackwall, cordwood or Rob Roy style) house, solar power and unspoiled views of the surrounding New York State Forest. We are located 35 minutes from Ithaca, New York (home of Cornell University and Ithaca College) in the Finger Lakes.

Internship Starts: 1st of May, 2013
Internship Ends: September 1st, 2013
Number of Interns: 3
App Deadline: Ongoing
Minimum Length of Stay: Interns: 3 months; Apprentices: 9 months preferred

Meals: Internship: We provide all meals and snacks. Mostly Weston Price Foundation/Nourishing Traditions type diet using products from our farm, plus organic bulk staples.

Apprentices: Could be same as above or other arrangement negotiated.

Skills Desired: Enthusiasm for learning all aspects of an integrated homestead and a desire to use the experience and skills gained during internship sometime in the future. Curiousity, strong work ethic, self-responsibility and commitment to ideals are more important to us than practical skills per se. Commitment, clear communication, independence and openness to new ideas/ways of living are essential. Must be fit, interested in health and enjoy hard work and recreation in a peaceful, natural setting.

Educational Opportunities: "Integrated" means that we integrate (as well as learn and teach) principles from several styles of agriculture: permaculture, biodynamics, biological farming, as well as typical organic methods. It also means that we strive to have interdependent systems (polyculture) that feed and support each other, minimizing purchased inputs.

In addition to the above outlined tasks, interns and apprentices gain experience in every other aspect of what we do: creating balanced, mineralized soils, land management, food preservation, rotational grazing, row-cropping, composting, vehicle maintenance, animal care, care of fruit trees, butchering, cooking etc.

Stipend: Stipend possible; amount varies with length of commitment and intern productivity.

PLEASE QUERY VIA EMAIL AND TELL US 1) how you will be able to live for three months with room and board provided but no cash income and 2) how you plan or hope to use skills gained on our farm in your future. WE WILL NOT RESPOND TO QUERIES THAT DO NOT INCLUDE THIS INFORMATION.

Housing: Interns: Live in our home

Apprentices: Live in our home or provide own housing, or live in a trailer, yurt, small cottage still to be erected. We have a small, unfinished new structure that could be turned into housing.

Preferred method Of Contact: email


Internship: Work 8 hours, five days per week (very flexible hours). Typical tasks: milk cow and do barn chores, help with kidding/calving, move electronet fences and livestock daily to new pasture, make compost, start seeds, plant out seedlings, cultivate etc., save seeds, preserve food ( make yogurt, cheese, sauerkraut, pickles, canned and frozen vegetables and soups etc.), prepare new cropland, clear forest etc.

Apprenticeships: We are seeking an individual or couple (same sex OK; w/small children OK) to share our land and labors, preferably those who would like someday to have an off-grid homestead and need practical experience. Appentices would live in our home or we would provide rudimentary housing (trailer, yurt, small cottage or? to be decided). Other than living on our land and participating in the above, most aspects of Apprenticeship are open to negotiation, such as number of hours worked, compensation and food provided, off-farm employment possibilities, etc.


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