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Sustainable crops production spans many different enterprises from specialty crops to grains. It also includes a wide array of production methods. This includes greenhouse and season extension techniques, field crop production on vast acreages and micro-farming. The common theme within ATTRA’s practical crops resources is the focus on sustainable and organic production methods.

Organic and sustainable production of crops requires attention to the details of soil quality and fertility and pests in the field. In this section you will find resources on organic pest management, season extension, cover cropping, food safety and much more for a wide array of crops.   

In addition to production skills, a successful crop-based business requires a strong marketing plan and business management skills.  Many of  ATTRA’s publications include marketing and business management considerations. In this section you will find resources in multiple formats including publications, tutorials, videos, and podcasts to get you started. If you still have questions, call us or go to the ATTRA chat function. We can provide you with one-on-one assistance on your crop production questions. 

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Grow Enrichment’s silvopasture system includes hybrid chestnuts, mulberry, pecan, sassafras, and persimmons, and the understory is seasonally grazed by a herd of goats.
A clever and memorable logo on all its merchandise enhances a farm’s sales in the community.
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