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This directory of on-the-job learning opportunities in sustainable and organic agriculture has been published since 1989 as a tool to help farmers and apprentices connect with each other. It is available for farms in the U.S and its territories. (there are a few in Canada and the Caribbean as well)

Anyone can browse the listings for free. As a subscriber, you can maintain a personalized listing to connect with internship seekers. The listed farms are primarily seeking interns/apprentices from North America.

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Take care! There are some very important things to consider before listing or accepting a farm internship.

Consider this first!Important Note: All listings are submitted to this site by employers. The National Center for Appropriate Technology makes no claims of any kind about content, accuracy, suitability, intent, comprehensiveness, or availability of positions. NCAT makes no representations or guarantees about positions listed on its Web site and is not responsible for safety, wages, working conditions, or other aspects of employment. It is the responsibility of prospective interns to take all necessary precautions when interviewing for or accepting positions, and he/she is solely responsible for obtaining necessary information concerning the employers, using caution and common sense. It is the responsibility of host farms to be aware of federal and state labor laws related to hiring interns or apprentices. NCAT provides the listing only as a public service, and the listings do not imply any recommendation by NCAT, its ATTRA project, or USDA.

Everyone. Please make sure you ask for references! Interns; research the farm, better yet go there before agreeing to anything. Get something in writing; a clear written agreement of what is expected for each party will go a long way if things get dicey. Check the living arrangements. NCAT/ATTRA just lists the internships, we won't moderate or get involved in any disagreements. So take care.