Farm equipment is necessary for all aspects of a farming operation. Equipment is used in production, harvesting, storage, and distribution of farm products and in offering farm business services.

Investing in farm equipment can have a significant impact on a farm’s bottom line and considers equipment purchasing, maintenance, and operational costs. When selecting the right piece of equipment for the job, both hand tools and mechanized equipment can have significant impacts on efficiency and labor costs.

This section offers practical ATTRA resources on appropriately scaled tools and equipment that are designed to empower new and beginning, as well as seasoned, farmers and land stewards in safely operating and maintaining farm equipment. It offers resources to assist with tool and equipment decision-making, as well as tool and equipment supplier listings.         


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ATTRA’s Equipment Resources

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SPIN farmer Wally Satzewich of Wally’s Urban Market Garden in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, using an Earthway seeder
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Diesel tractor