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A Way of LIfe farm
Sunshine, NC 28018

Contact: Sara Jane Davis, Jamie Davis

Phone: [Home] 828-287-1253



Last Updated: 09-28-2015

General Description: A Way of Life Farm is a diverse farm in the foothills of Western NC looking for an assistant farmer and apprentices to work with the us in 2016. We grow vegetables, strawberries and pasture-raised pork for sale. This commercial production fits within a broader permaculture design that also includes the development of fruit and nut orchards and mushroom production. In addition, we have perennials including blueberries, blackberries, and a wide array of home-use fruit trees, as well as bees. A combination of sustainable practices including bio-intensive raised beds, cover cropping, Kinsey-Albrecht method, keyline plowing, Holistic Management, and permaculture design are used throughout our land. About 90% of our time is spent growing vegetables. We start our own vegetable transplants from seed and propagate perennials in a permanent greenhouse. Over 30 types of vegetables and herbs are grown primarily outdoors in raised beds. We also grow tomatoes, cucumbers, and winter greens in a large hoophouse and other veggies in low-tech, movable “caterpillar tunnels”. A tractor is used for initial bed preparation, but most of our work- planting, weeding, harvesting- is done with hand tools. Our products are sold through farmers’ markets, CSAs, and restaurants. We both work full time on the farm, offering an opportunity to see what it’s like to earn a livelihood from a farm. A Way of Life Farm is located an hour from Asheville and Charotte, NC. Visit our website, for all the details and applications for these positions.

Internship Starts: Assistant Farmer starts 12- 01-2015, apprentices start 03-01-15
Internship Ends: 12-01-2016 or beyond
Number of Interns: 4
App Deadline: until filled
Minimum Length of Stay: Assistant farmer: one year minimum, Apprentices: 9 months

Meals: The farm crew (assistant farmer, apprentices, farmers, and kids) shares two meals in the farm house each week. You prepare other meals in your own kitchen or with other apprentices. Vegetables from the farm are available as well as food staples (flour, rice, beans...). A farm credit for up to $150 of pork is also offered.

Skills Desired: Assistant Farmer:

-minimum one year or full growing season apprenticeship on a single commercial vegetable farm

-leadership experience

-valid drivers' license, ability to drive manual transmission a plus

-ability to take verbal instruction

-self motivation

Educational Opportunities: see above

Stipend: Assistant farmer: $800/month starting, increase to $1000/month in March when full-season apprentices arrive. Apprentices: $525/month with mid-season raise to $600/month

Housing: A "tiny home", which includes kitchen, electricity and cold water, an outhouse, and hot outdoor shower (hot indoor shower in cold months)

Preferred method Of Contact: Email

Internship Details: Visit our website's "work opportunities" page for a full description and application for the assistant farmer and apprenticeship positions!

Want to be a farmer? Take your past apprenticeship skills to the next level as an assistant farmer and crew leader! This position is the "grad school" of your farming education. You will work closely with the farmers/owners to learn the ins and outs of a diverse, sustainable farm operation while managing increased responsibilities on the farm (depending on skill set, these can include CSA packing and deliveries, farmers’ markets, wholesale deliveries, and livestock management). We share resources that have informed our farming practices and helped make our farm a successful business. You will also help plan and execute the apprentice crew’s tasks and training while setting the pace, maintaining a positive work environment, and multi-tasking to keep the immediate tasks in line with the larger scope of the day, week, farm vision, etc.


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