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Permalink Build Soil Build Health Workshop

April 22, 2018
Bluffton, Georgia

White Oak Pastures and Savory Institute are offering a one-day session focusing on the connection between building soil and building health. This first day is part of a longer four-day Savory Institute workshop led by Spencer Smith. The workshop will analyze how biological systems in regenerative farming operations build soil and nutrient density in farm products and teach farmers how to increase soil health to achieve these outcomes. Discussion will then move towards the connection between human health, environmental health, and the correlation to current health epidemics.

In: Southern SARE Region


Permalink Farmland Connections: Sustaining the legacy of farming in Northwest Arkansas

April 24, 2018
Fayetteville, Arkansas

The Northwest Arkansas Land Trust and the AR Young Farmers Coalition are partnering to address farmland access and tenure throughout the region. Please attend this free evening event featuring short presentations about how conservation easements and other tools can be used to help promote farmland access, while hearing directly from farmers about the current state of farmland access in Northwest Arkansas.

In: Southern SARE Region


Permalink Kentucky Grazing School

April 24-25, 2018
Princeton, Kentucky

This two-day event is sponsored by Master Grazer Educational Program, KY Agricultural Development Fund, UK College of Food and Environment, Natural Resources Conservation Service, and Kentucky Forage and Grassland Council. Topics include nutrition, fencing, forage, pastures, and grazing planning. In addition to presentations, the agenda includes field exercises and case studies.

In: Southern SARE Region


Permalink Goat and Hair Sheep Field Day

April 28, 2018
Langston, Oklahoma

Langston University Goat Farm will host its annual goat field day, which now includes topics of interest to hair sheep producers. This year's theme will be Preventing Production Losses. The agenda includes speakers and 14 different afternoon workshop options, as well as activities for kids.

In: Southern SARE Region


Permalink Mother Earth News Fair

April 28-29, 2018
Asheville, North Carolina

Mother Earth News Fairs feature inspiring keynote speakers, plus more than 150 workshops from the leading authorities on organic gardening, food preservation, homesteading and livestock, green building, and natural health. More than 200 regional and national exhibitors will feature sustainable products and services.

In: Southern SARE Region


Permalink Soil, Compost, and GAP Readiness Workshops

April 27 or 30, 2018
Bluffton or Pine Mountain, Georgia

At these free, day-long workshops, each participant will receive templates and instructions on how to document for GAP/FSMA, participate in a walk and talk around the farm as a Food Safety Expert explains what a GAP auditor is looking for, free lunch, and one-on-one and group consultation from Extension, USDA-NRCS, and GFVGA. Registration is limited to 25 participants for each workshop.

In: Southern SARE Region


Permalink High Tunnel Workshop

May 3, 2018
Lonoke, Arkansas

This day-long workshop sponsored by University of Arkansas Extension and the National Center for Appropriate Technology addresses fruit and vegetable production in high tunnels, pest control, high-tunnel economics, NRCS cost-shares, and an afternoon tour of a high-tunnel farm. NCAT's Luke Freeman will present on vegetable production in high tunnels and on NCAT resources.

In: Southern SARE Region


Permalink Texas Wine Industry Workshop

May 4, 2018
College Station, Texas

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service is offering a workshop for new and prospective wine professionals. Topics will include legal and permitting requirements, equipment selection, winery design, varietal selections, marketing tips and lessons learned.

In: Southern SARE Region


Permalink Soil Festival

May 5, 2018
Atlanta, Georgia

Food Well Alliance presents the fourth annual Soil Festival, a free event for all ages that raises awareness of the benefits of using compost to improve and maintain high quality soil and to grow healthy food. Soil Festival 2018 will be held at Truly Living Well's Collegetown Farm and includes a host of exciting opportunities for school gardeners, community gardeners, backyard gardeners, urban farmers, educators, beginning gardeners, and children.

In: Southern SARE Region


Permalink Managing Your Native Pecan Grove Effectively

May 7, 2018
Ardmore, Oklahoma

To provide landowners with updated information on native pecan grove management, the Noble Research Institute will host a morning seminar. The program will socus on native pecan thinning. Agricultural producers who want to balance pecan and livestock production will have the opportunity to gain information needed to manage both as one system. Management methods will focus on land stewardship, increased productivity, and economic efficiency.

In: Southern SARE Region


Permalink Texas Soil Health Symposium

May 9-10, 2018
Palestine, Texas

The Association of Texas Soil and Water Conservation Districts presents a two-day workshop designed to provide information regarding best land- management practices for the implementation of soil health. This practical-application knowledge will benefit landowners of all levels and a diverse range of operations.

In: Southern SARE Region


Permalink NC Leadership & Women's Cattle Handling Workshop

May 10-11, 2018
Bahama, North Carolina

The Women's Cattle Handling program is designed to promote self-confidence for women in the cattle industry by giving them hands-on educational opportunities and cattle handling skills implementing Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) methods and promoting farm safety. The workshops will provide hands-on learning in the subject areas of BQA, Low Stress Animal Handling, Reproduction & Calving Management, Truck & Trailer Assessment and Driving, and Tractor Safety. The workshop is two full days and registration is limited.

In: Southern SARE Region


Permalink Is Specialty Crop Production for You?

May 10, 2018
Ardmore, Oklahoma

In this free evening course from Noble Research Institute, participants will learn about the many factors involved in the enterprise decision-making process, including farm resource requirements, family resource and skill requirements, crop specific production and marketing requirements, and goal setting. At the end of the program, attendees will have an understanding of the basic requirements for growing and marketing a wide range of fruit and vegetable crops, including pecans, in the Southern Great Plains, and if specialty crop production is something they can realistically pursue.

In: Southern SARE Region


Permalink Vegetable Spring Field Day

May 11, 2018
Uvalde, Texas

The Texas A&M AgriLife Research and Extension Center in Uvalde will present its annual Vegetable Spring Field Day. Topics will include tomato grafting, olive production, cover crops, hydroponics, high tunnel production, organic systems, vegetable breeding and nitrogen-use efficiency. The free event includes breakfast and lunch.

In: Southern SARE Region


Permalink Spring Forage and Hair Sheep Program

May 11, 2018
Marlin, Texas

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service will host a program that includes an introduction to hair sheep and their nutrition and parasite management, as well as sessions on hay production, predator prevention, and marketing.

In: Southern SARE Region


Permalink Soil, Compost, and GAP Readiness Workshop

May 11, 2018
Stockbridge, Georgia

Mayflor Farm, Extension, GFVGA, Global Growers, USDA-NRCS, Cooper Ag, and Georgia Organics host this free one-day workshop. Each participant will receive templates and instructions on how to document for GAP/FSMA, participate in a food safety walk and talk around the farm, free lunch, and one-on-one and group consultation from Extension, USDA-NRCS and GFVGA. Topics include Soil Testing and Compost 101, as well as GAP readiness. Registration is limited.

In: Southern SARE Region


Permalink Soil Health and Composting Workshop

May 15, 2018
Nicholson, Georgia

Dragonfly Farm, Extension, GFVGA, Global Growers, USDA-NRCS, Cooper Ag, and Georgia Organics host this free morning workshop. Topics include soil testing, compost, and GAP record-keeping. Each participant will receive templates and instructions on how to document for GAP/FSMA, free lunch, and one-on-one and group consultation from Extension, USDA-NRCS and GFVGA.

In: Southern SARE Region


Permalink Ranching 2018--Managing in Tough Times

May 15-16, 2018
Wheeler, Texas

Holistic Management International presents this event featuring Ian Mitchell-Innes and several other speakers. Learn about adaptive planned grazing and how it can improve animal health and performance, regenerate land, reduce inputs, and improve profitability.

In: Southern SARE Region


Permalink Back To Your Roots: A Sustainable Agriculture Masters Series

May 17-19, 2018
Natchitoches, Louisiana

Campti Field of Dreams presents a conference designed to empower a new generation of farmers with models that are financially lucrative, replicable, and scalable to infuse innovation and sustainable entrepreneurship into rural economies. Presenters include Dr. Chuck Fluharty, Jean-Martin Fortier, and Joel Salatin. For information, contact Campti Field of Dreams, 318-476-2990 or

In: Southern SARE Region


Permalink Parasite Workshop and FAMACHA Training

May 19, 2018
Langston, Oklahoma

Langston University's American Institute for Goat Research hosts this workshop discussing biology and control of worms with management, proper use of dewormers, FAMACHA eye-scoring training, and fecal egg counting training.

In: Southern SARE Region


Permalink White Oak Pastures Soil Health Workshop

May 19, 2018
Bluffton, Georgia

For the last 15 years the lands of White Oak Pastures have been increasingly holistically managed. Compost, cover crops, multi-species rotational grazing, and other natural practices have been utilized. In this workshop with farm tour and lunch, Will Harris will discuss how White Oak Pastures is managed in a manner that attempts to emulate nature.

In: Southern SARE Region


Permalink Beginning Texas Farmers & Ranchers Women's Class

May 19 - August 12, 2018
Kerrville, Texas

Classes in this Holistic Management International course are held one weekend a month for four months. Two experienced facilitators and practitioners of the Holistic Management framework will guide you towards the completion of your Management Plan for the Farm & Ranch of your dreams in this all women's class.

In: Southern SARE Region


Permalink Forest Farming Grower/Industry Expo and Training Event

May 19-20, 2018
Kingsport, Tennessee and Duffield, Virginia

The Forest Farming Grower-Industry Expo and Training event on May 19 will bring together herb companies, apothecaries, and herbal product makers with experienced and aspiring forest farmers for a day of networking and learning. Panel discussions with forest farmers and buyers will share valuable experiences and advice, and technical training sessions will be offered for all skill and experience levels. Topics will include herb cultivation and propagation techniques, plant conservation, certification, harvest and post harvest handling, value-added production, and more. On May 20, a Forest Farmer Field Day will start with a tour of the Appalachian Harvest herb hub and a discussion on the economics of cultivating forest-grown medicinal herbs. After a catered lunch, attendees will tour forest farmer Ryan Huish's farm, learning about his plans for cultivating forest herbs, along with plant identification and information on site selection and more. Participants can choose to attend either or both days. These events are sponsored by Appalachian Sustainable Development and partners in the Appalachian Beginning Forest Farmer Coalition.

In: Southern SARE Region


Permalink Farmer Florist Workshop

May 19-20, 2018
Alachua, Florida

Swallowtail Farm hosts a collaborative hands-on flower farming and design workshop. Day one will focus on growing fundamentals, including soil fertility, variety sourcing and selection, harvesting, and post harvest handling. Day two, students will learn about the principles of floral design and have the opportunity to design their own personal flowers and centerpiece.

In: Southern SARE Region


Permalink Sustainable Rangelands Symposium

June 7-8, 2018
Lubbock, Texas

Texas Tech University and New Mexico State University will host this event at the National Ranching Heritage Center. Topics will include precipitation effectiveness, integrated livestock and wildlife on sustainable ranches, use of prescribed burning to maintain sustainable rangelands, importance of deferment for sustainable rangelands, and the Grazing Land Coalition.

In: Southern SARE Region


Permalink Fifth Annual Mid-South Agricultural and Environmental Law Conference

June 7-8, 2018
Memphis, Tennessee

Hosted by the Agricultural & Food Law Consortium, this program is part of a long-term effort to provide relevant and timely agricultural and environmental legal research and information to attorneys, lenders, accountants, tax consultants, students and other agricultural professionals involved in the agriculture and aquaculture industries in the southern United States. Topics include pesticide drift, ag tax, legal ethics for ag practitioners, and ag financing and land transactions.

In: Southern SARE Region


Permalink Health Meets Food: The Culinary Medicine Conference

June 14-17, 2018
New Orleans, Louisiana

The Goldring Center for Culinary Medicine at Tulane University presents an opportunity to expand your culinary medicine skills and network with other professionals. The keynote presentation will be given by Brian Wansink, PhD. Saturday programming will focus on food insecurity and a panel of innovators in the field. Sunday programming looks at the food supply chain, with a specific emphasis on antibiotic use and its impact on antibiotic resistance in the clinical setting, as well as practical strategies for healthcare providers and culinarians to take action. Both an academic and a culinary/clinical track are offered, with two hands-on cooking modules.

In: Southern SARE Region



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