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NCAT Agricultural Specialists Luke Freeman and Margo Hale introduce the topic of crop planning for vegetable growers wanting to scale up into wholesale or institutional markets. A resources and links PDF you can use to further your crop planning knowledge is available for download here:

In this episode, Felicia Bell, agriculture specialist with NCAT's ATTRA sustainable agriculture program, has a conversation with Tracy Galloway, of Galloway Family Farm near Ocean Springs, Mississippi, about how to add value to an existing farm through agritourism. Tracy is a third-generation family farmer who began to transition his farm to a tourist destination three years go with tours, education, special events, and products for sale. Felicia Bell is located at NCAT's Gulf States Office in Jackson, Mississippi. Related ATTRA Resources: Entertainment Farming and Agritourism Agritourism Promotes Local-Goods Purchasing Tips for Selling With: Agritourism and "Pick-Your-Own" Other Resources: Iowa State University resources and risk-management for agritourism Galloway Family...