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North Wind Organic Farm

Contact information
Farm Address:
86760 Valley Road

Bayfield , Wisconsin , 4444

Primary Contact: Tom Galazen
Secondary Contact: Ann Rosenquist

Primary Phone:
    Number: 715-779-3254

Secondary Phone





Internship information
General Farm Description: "North Wind Organic Farm is about 3 miles west of Bayfield, Wisconsin, the gateway to the famed Apostle Islands in Lake Superior. The farm lies amid rolling wooded hills, adjacent to thousands of acres of county forest lands. <br /><br /> North Wind Organic Farm features over two acres of strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries. Numerous market vegetables, more than 100 fruit trees, about 10 acres of hay ground and lots of woods adorn our farm. All crops are grown without chemical pesticides or artificial fertilizers in accordance with organic standards. Although certifiable, the farm is beyond organic, emphasizing self-reliance, alternative energy, environmental quality considerations and a broad range of economic and cultural choices embodying a vision of social change. Permacultural and climate change considerations are sliced in throughout the operation. <br /><br /> North Wind Organic Farm has been offering farm internships for over 24 years. They usually start sometime in May or early June and end between August and October. Shorter stays are also possible. The internship includes room/board and a small stipend for longer term interns. Over the summer interns will learn the basics of running an organic farm, sustainable agriculture, alternative energy, and hands on work activity in the field,. While on the farm, interns will experience agriculture as a whole from planting to cultivating through harvesting and marketing. All of the farming practices at North Wind Organic Farm are organic and sustainable in nature. The intern cabin as well as the main farm is all powered by solar and wind power. Some interns prefer camping beneath the stars after an evening around the fire, singing and jamming. Expect cooler days and nights than the rest of the country as Lake Superior determines much of our weather, so pack a sweater or two. Cell phones don't work here on the farm so you have to hike a bit to get reception. A clock or watch is helpful for getting to breakfast on time and the mornings activities. <br /><br /> While early season applications are encouraged, short term and summer fill in positions may be available any time during the growing year. "

CRAFT Member Farm? No

Internship Starts: variable
Internship Ends: variable
Number of Internship Available: 3
Application Deadline: no deadline but by mid-spring is advisable...
Minimum Length of Stay: none

Internship Details:

“Participants have the opportunity to learn organic farming techniques, alternative energy basics, and country living skills, while sharing in the drama of every day life during busy times. We are a hard-working organic farm, supplying ready picked and U-Pick opportunities to the drive-up customers, selling at multiple local Farmer's Markets and the area Whole Foods Coops, and are part of a group CSA.
We have hosted scores of volunteers and interns since the 1990s, many of which have gone on to manage or operate their own farms. Interns usually work 5 1/2 days per week tending a diverse array of fruits and vegetables. Activities include planting, mulching, crop lay out, pest management, customer service, weeding, and harvesting berries and vegetables.”

Educational Opportunities: "We use alternative energy for all of our electricity and for a variety of other farm uses. Permaculture practices are utilized where applicable. Self reliance and homestead innovation are an integral part of our operation, plus we incorporate some primitive and survival skills if there is interest. Work here provides an honest insight of the joys and demands of a working organic farm on a sustainable scale. We strive to aid and encourage participants to create their own farming futures."

Skills Desired: "Willingness to work, enthusiasm, and good listening and communication skills required. Please notify us of any health problems that may impact your participation. Heavy dopers and those with significant psychological problems that we are not trained to deal with need not apply."

Meals: "Most meals are provided, except for several evenings per week. We cook a wholesome and acclaimed totally organic cuisine using as much of our organic produce as possible, while supplementing with basic organic grains, wild edibles, and humanely raised/wild meat, all on a wood cook stove. Interns with specific dietary needs or wants may have to provide their own supplementation and prepare it at the intern quarters."

Stipend: "The intern program is essentially an exchange of labor and support for room, board, and the wide, blue sky opportunities of learning and experience. A small stipend to help with expenses is available for those who stay longer than a month. "

Housing: "Separate intern cabin with small solar system, no running water, outhouse, and wood stove. Solar showers or a local fitness facility, 3 miles away, offers affordable showers. Tenting is another option. The area, though hilly, is biker friendly."

Preferred method of Contact: phone or email