A Way of Life Farm

Contact information
Farm Address:
856 Brooks Rd.
Sunshine, North Carolina, 28018

Primary Contact: Sara Jane Davis
Secondary Contact: Jamie Davis

Primary Phone:
    Number: 828-702-5824
    Email: awayoflifefarm@gmail.com

Website: http://awayoflifefarm.com

Website: https://awayoflifefarm.com/info-and-application

Internship information
General Farm Description: Ready to dig deeper into your farming experience? Located in the foothills of Western North Carolina, A Way of Life Farm grows Certified Organic vegetables and fruit, as well as pasture-raised pork for sale through farmers' market and CSA. This commercial production is integral to a broader permaculture design and land revitalization, including the development of fruit and nut orchards (persimmon, pawpaw, muscadines, chestnuts, and pecans).

CRAFT Member Farm? Yes

Internship Starts: February-April 2023
Internship Ends: December 2023 and beyond
Number of Internship Available: 5
Application Deadline: until filled
Minimum Length of Stay: 9-12 months

Internship Details:

If you’re considering a career in farming, our Apprentice and Journeyperson positions are a great way to gain hands-on experience and knowledge.

This will very likely be the most challenging physical and mental work you’ve ever done. With the right attitude, it will also be the most rewarding!
Members of the farm crew learn the ins and outs of our farm- vegetable growing from seed to harvest, marketing, soil health, tools, and a broader vision for the land and what it means for our world. Farming is our form of activism. We believe that providing people with truly healthy, nutrient-dense food that is also healthy for the land–all within a viable business model– is a powerful act.
We have seen amazing changes to this land with intentional stewardship. Life, from the microbes in the soil to the birds flying above, is returning in abundance! We’re excited to share what we’ve learned and welcome crew members and partners for the long term.

Please visit our website for all the details about our Apprentice and Journeyperson positions and an application.

Educational Opportunities: We take our role as educators seriously, offering information and skills that will lead to a greater understanding of farm management and systems. We explain tasks as they come up in the field and offer written information and informal “classes” periodically throughout the year, but most of the skills and information will be communicated within the context of farm work. You may be given reading or listening assignments in your free time so we can discuss these topics as a group. As the season progresses or as specific skills are developed , apprentices have increased independence, responsibilities, and specialization in their work around the farm. We teach thoughtful and efficient execution of farm tasks, which is essential to the success of any enterprise (the goal in production work is to get the job done right and get it done quickly).

Skills Desired: We are looking for applicants who are engaged learners, take pride in their work, have good communication skills, and are self-motivated. Some previous experience on a commercial farm is highly recommended for apprenticeship applicants and two seasons of farming experience are required for journey person applicants. Experience with physical labor or intense outdoor activity is very important. Our bodies are our primary tools on the farm. You need to be both physically and mentally fit to enjoy the challenges of farm life and meet them with determination and levity. Hands-on learning is a given on a farm, but the ability to learn from listening is very valuable as a lot of information is conveyed verbally through instruction in the field or morning meetings. Over the years we've found that those who flourish the most on our farm tend to have or develop a strong interest in food and cooking (this gives a full appreciation for the work you're doing here!). Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate pets. Couples can apply, though our housing is only comfortable for a single person, so you can expect to be assigned separate, but nearby houses.

Meals: Vegetables from the farm are always available as well as food staples (organic flour, rice, beans, oats...). A farm credit for pork is also offered. Most meals are prepared in your own kitchen with periodic potlucks, or shared meals throughout the season.

Stipend: Yes, a stipend will be based on experience and length of commitment and will also include housing, utilities, food from the farm, and a priceless education!

Housing: A private tiny home or camper-trailer, which includes kitchen, electricity and cold water, and a shared outhouse, shower, and washing machine.

Preferred method of Contact: Email