AJ’s Happy Chick Farm

Contact information
Farm Address:
Albany, Vermont, 05820

Primary Contact: Susan Beshar
Secondary Contact: Brian Naylor

Primary Phone:
    Number: 914-497-8500
    Email: susanmbd@gmail.com

Secondary Phone
    Number: 802-673-8898

Website: https://www.ajshappychick.farm/

Internship information
General Farm Description: AJHC is a 140 acre mixed sustainable farm. In our effort to be fully sustainable, we are constantly striving to learn and do more. Presently we raise Finnsheep for meat and fiber, kinder goats, pork, cattle/beef, and a variety of fowl. On our website and at farmers markets we provide homemade canned jams/jellies, sauces, and relishes along with our meat and fiber products. Many aspects of the farm are VOF-certified organic and we are members of the Real Organic Project. In addition, we are registered breeders with the MSCA, KGBA, and Finnsheep Breeders association.

CRAFT Member Farm? No

Internship Starts: March 1 2023
Internship Ends: open ended but minimum May 1st 2023
Number of Internship Available: 1-3 depending
Application Deadline: none
Minimum Length of Stay: 1 month

Internship Details:

We would love a long term intern or 2 that could help with the everyday aspects on the farm. depending on the season there is always plenty to do and can accommodate most interests all aspects of gardening, and maintaining orchards, berry fields, grape vines and the processing (canning, markets, dehydration, etc..) animal husbandry of a large variety of livestock, maple syrup production, lambing, kidding, calving the processing of fiber products, forest management, construction,  you name it we generally do it. Someone to assist with lambing & kidding season that starts in late march would be most appreciated.


Educational Opportunities: We are happy to teach all that we do feel free to ask us about your particular focus and we can accommodate.

Skills Desired: Experience is always a plus however anyone with a willingness to learn with a good work ethic could find themselves a niche at the farm.

Meals: Yes a daily cooked dinner/meal is provided. Meat, eggs, seasonal or stored produce, and the products we produce for ourselves and markets. (canned goods, syrups etc...) are always available for your own food preparation.

Stipend: Yes based on workload and level of competency. I understand cash is king however we also offer a variety of barter items for those that might be interested.

Housing: Yes a large bedroom with a walk-in closet/sitting area in the farmhouse with 2 retired adult males (one a musician and one carpenter) shared living room, den, kitchen, and bathrooms. In addition, a large base camp tent with all the comforts of home living and stunning views of the mountains and pastures is available from May - September for a more private living arrangement.

Preferred method of Contact: email