Forest Farmstead

Contact information
Farm Address:
55753 SR 20
PO box 205
Rockport, Washington, 98283

Primary Contact: Terrance Meyer
Primary Phone:
    Number: 785 865 8758


Internship information
General Farm Description: A 23 acre farmstead bridging fields and woods, working toward ecological, social/spiritual, and economic sustainability. We have cash crops, system support animals, self sufficiency garden, forest products, wildlife, and living spaces sharing this land. The focus is on developing value added products to create real income from a light harvesting of the forest, while building a sustainable and welcoming living environment.

CRAFT Member Farm? No

Internship Starts: Now
Internship Ends: Spring or Fall of 2023
Number of Internship Available: 2
Application Deadline: flexible
Minimum Length of Stay: 6 month. We do have a review at two weeks where either of us can terminate the internship if it is not working out.

Internship Details:

When you think of your future do you want to run a small farm? Have a sustainable homestead? Ecologically manage a forest? Develop and market cool natural products?
If so, I invite you to take a practice run here at Forest Farmstead. I would love to support you in forging your own path while getting help with our existing projects. We have loads of resources, land, and mentorship to offer, to get you the valuable experience you need to be a success. There is so much to do here we are happy to have you focus your time on what you are most interested in; be that farming, forestry, animal husbandry, hospitality, marketing, food processing, product development, or other. We meditate as a farm team every morning at 7am to start the day. The ideal intern is one who is looking to build their own sustainable future and wants and use our farm to practice and gain skills. We are a place of opportunities to get what you want. If you have a strong habit of leaning on recreational drugs to meet your mental health needs and are not willing to work to transition away from that, then this place is likely not a good fit.

The first month full time help on the farm will be expected while you get familiar with the place and we get familiar with your capabilities. After we review the trial period together the exact form of the rest of the internship will be a negotiation balancing your interests, capabilities, and desires for education, with our need for help and capacity to support you with the idea that you will be able to direct time towards either income, your own projects, or recreation as well as the time that I will direct, in consultation with you, to meet the base needs of the farm..

If interested in staying through till next season the winter internship will focus on pruning and grafting, construction and maintenance, and value added product production, with normal animal and hospitality chores. We are in a temperate rain-forest and so expect a lot of grey chilly days throughout the winter.

Educational Opportunities: Ask for our "curriculum" when you email. It is a good outline of the skills and knowledge available for you to pick up while you are here. We're happy to create an experience that serves your educational desires including linking you with folks off the farm in the local community. There is a non-secular mindfulness based mental health / spirituality component to the farm with daily meditation and weekly days of mindfulness.

Skills Desired: We would like someone emotionally mature and able to communicate wants and needs while being able to compromise. Someone not afraid of heavy labor. Someone who has creativity and the inclination to contribute to the farm on an intellectual level while not being so attached to their ideas that they can't take instruction. Basically someone who can join a team. Self awareness, humility, and a positive attitude are all appreciated.

Meals: Farm produce and meat, as well as some basic bulk commodities are provided as well as participation in shared meals. Expect to cover snack and specialty foods yourself. Shared meals most days.

Stipend: After two weeks days we will have a meeting and come to a decision together about meeting your income needs. Right now income opportunities are modest unless you bring your own or create your own while you are here. Compensation going forward will depend on what you want to do with your time here. If you want to dive into what is going on at the farm we may hire you as an employee for revenue producing tasks or maybe just give you a small monthly stipend so the internship does not cost you money. If you want to take a chunk of ground and farm it yourself as your own business with part of your time, great. There are gigs in the local community that might complement your internship goals and bring income as well. So income is up to you and I will help provide opportunities. If your income needs are less than $500/month it is likely you will be able to meet them within the context of the internship.I do require a $100 non refundable deposit to reserve your space and discourage no-shows..

Housing: Yes, there are a number of options available including a cabin and, a travel trailer and a partial RV hookup. IF you have your own housing or are down with tent living, we can increase the number of interns for a larger community. We will keep you warm through the winter.

Preferred method of Contact: email