Rime Farm Interns

Contact information
Farm Address:
82 Arthur Damon Road
Charlotte, Maine, 04666

Primary Contact: Lisa Dereszewski
Secondary Contact: Rob Diadone

Primary Phone:
    Number: 207-573-0665
    Email: info@rimefarm.com

Secondary Phone
    Number: 2074041177
    Email: Lisa@RimeFarm.com

    Email: Lisa@RimeFarm.com

Website: http://RimeFarm.com

Internship information
General Farm Description: Rime Nor Reason Farm is a sustainable organic farm located in rural Downeast Maine just 6 miles from the coast. Rime is 143 total acres with 4.1 used to cultivate farmer market berry, vegetable, and fruit tree crops. Several more acres are used for the breeding and production of poultry and livestock. Established in 2019, the farm’s success is due to its biodiversity and efficiency. Rime offers eggs, MOFGA certified organic fruit and vegetables, Belted Galloway cattle, heritage hogs and poultry, wildcrafted mushrooms, and value-added products. We specialize in producing certified organic vegetables, high-quality grass-fed beef, pasture-raised pork, and free-range eggs and have a robust CSA program. The farm practices sustainable farming methods and places a strong emphasis on animal welfare, environmental stewardship, and community involvement. Their farming philosophy is centered around the belief that animals should be treated with respect and dignity, and that they should be allowed to live in a natural environment that promotes their health and well-being. They also believe that sustainable farming practices can have a positive impact on the environment, and that supporting local communities is crucial for the long-term success of small farms. Their goals are to provide their customers with healthy and delicious meat and eggs while also promoting sustainable farming practices and building strong relationships with their local community. They strive to educate their customers about the benefits of sustainable farming and the importance of knowing where their food comes from.

CRAFT Member Farm? No

Internship Starts: 05/01/2023
Internship Ends: 09/01/2023
Number of Internship Available: 4
Application Deadline: Rolling
Minimum Length of Stay: Two weeks

Internship Details:

Looking to gain hands-on experience in sustainable organic farming? Rime Nor Reason Farm is offering an exciting opportunity for passionate individuals to join our team as apprentices! Our farm, located in beautiful Washington County, boasts 143 acres of land, with 4.1 acres dedicated to growing farmer market berry, vegetable, and fruit tree crops. We also breed and produce poultry and livestock on several more acres. Since our establishment in 2019, Rime Nor Reason Farm has become a thriving example of biodiversity and efficiency in sustainable agriculture.

As an apprentice, you will have the chance to immerse yourself in the world of organic food production, animal husbandry, and environmental stewardship. In exchange for your labor, we offer room and board, instruction, a small stipend, and invaluable experience. You will work alongside our experienced team, gaining knowledge and skills that will serve you well in your future endeavors. We’re looking for responsible persons who share our passion for sustainable farming practices. While farm work can be rewarding, it can also be challenging and demanding. We believe that communal living situations can foster strong bonds and valuable learning opportunities, but we want to ensure that our apprentices are a good fit for our team before making a commitment.

Therefore, we will require references and an interview process to get to know each other better. Apply now to join the Rime Farm team! Apply here or email us your resume/interest at info@rimefarm.com. Be sure to put “I would enjoy horse poop on my boots and bonfire scented hair” in the subject line.

Educational Opportunities: Yes. On farm education includes mycology and wild crafting, opportunities to utilize a shared kitchen for dehydrating herbs for teas, organic farming, humane processing of chickens, equine care and husbandry, beef cattle husbandry, heritage hog husbandry, etc.

Skills Desired: No specific skills necessary. However, we are seeking interns with a passion for the environment, and a willingness to learn sustainable farming practices. :)

Meals: Yes. We provide 3 meals a day from food grown/harvested on our farm as well as staples from the grocery store.

Stipend: Yes. We offer a stipend that is dependent on the length of stay.

Housing: Yes. We have several options available including a Yurt!

Preferred method of Contact: email